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Aach, T. Co Author Listing * Analysing superimposed oriented patterns
* Analysis of Length and Orientation of Microtubules in Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy
* Analysis of Multiple Orientations
* Analysis of Superimposed Oriented Patterns
* Anisotropic Spectral Magnitude Estimation Filters for Noise Reduction and Image Enhancement
* Bayesian algorithms for adaptive change detection in image sequences using Markov random fields
* Bayesian Illumination-invariant Motion Detection
* Blur Identification Using a Spectral Inertia Tensor and Spectral Zeros
* Coding of Segmented Images Using Shape Independent Basis Functions
* Denoising the high dynamic range imaging process: A comparative study using SNR and detail loss criteria
* Design and Implementation of Multisteerable Matched Filters
* Design of Multi-Steerable Filters and their Application for the Detection of Corners and Junctions
* Detection and recognition of moving objects using statistical motion detection and Fourier descriptors
* Detection of moving shadows using mean shift clustering and a significance test
* Directional adaptive noise reduction
* Directional View Interpolation for Compensation of Sparse Angular Sampling in Cone-Beam CT
* Estimation of Multiple Orientations at Corners and Junctions
* Estimation of multiple orientations in multi-dimensional signals
* Evaluation Framework for the Accuracy of Camera Transfer Functions Estimated from Differently Exposed Images, An
* Geometric Calibration of Lens and Filter Distortions for Multispectral Filter-Wheel Cameras
* Geometric Multispectral Camera Calibration
* High Accuracy Feature Detection for Camera Calibration: A Multi-steerable Approach
* High Dynamic Range Images as a Basis for Detection of Argyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer Regions Under Varying Stain Intensities
* Image quality assessment of endoscopic panorama images
* Imaging and Analysis of Angiogenesis for Skin Transplantation by Microangiography
* Improved minimum distance classification with Gaussian outlier detection for industrial inspection
* lapped directional transform for spectral image analysis and its application to restoration and enhancement, A
* Longitudinal aberrations caused by optical filters and their compensation in multispectral imaging
* Markov-Gibbs model based registration of CT lung images using subsampling for the follow-up assessment of pleural thickenings
* Measuring Plant Root Growth
* Method for change detection in moving images
* Modeling and Compensation of Ghosting in Multispectral Filter Wheel Cameras
* Multiscale Linear/Median Hybrid Filters for Noise Reduction in Low Dose X-Ray Images
* Multispectral Filter-Wheel Cameras: Geometric Distortion Model and Compensation Algorithms
* Noise in high dynamic range imaging
* novel object-oriented approach to image analysis and retrieval, A
* On Texture Analysis: Local Energy Transforms Versus Quadrature Filters
* Predicting the benefit of sample size extension in multiclass k-NN classification
* Range Flow for Varying Illumination
* Range Flow in Varying Illumination: Algorithms and Comparisons
* Recent advances in high dynamic range imaging technology
* Robust High-Speed Melt Pool Measurements for Laser Welding with Sputter Detection Capability
* Segmentation and analysis of nerve fibers in histologic sections of the cerebral human cortex
* Segmentation and Detection of Nuclei in Silver Stained Cell Specimens for Early Cancer Diagnosis
* Segmentation, tracking, and analysis of focal adhesion dynamics in cellular microscopy imaging
* Simultaneous Reconstruction of Activity and Attenuation for PET/MR
* Spatial and spectral analysis of occluded motions
* Spatio-Temporal Defect Pixel Interpolation using 3-D Frequency Selective Extrapolation
* Spatio-temporal motion estimation for transparency and occlusions
* Special issue on digital signal processing in audiovisual communication
* Texture Classification by Modeling Joint Distributions of Local Patterns With Gaussian Mixtures
* Texture Classification of Graylevel Images by Multiscale Cross-cooccurrence Matrices
* Theory of Multiple Orientation Estimation, A
* Towards fully automated precise measurement of camera transfer functions
* two-stage-classifier for defect classification in optical media inspection, A
* User-defined ROI tracking for estimation of the myocardial blush grade
* Vessel Segmentation in 2D-Projection Images Using a Supervised Linear Hysteresis Classifier
* Volume-preserving correction for image registration using free-form deformations
* Wavelet based denoising by correlation analysis for high dynamic range imaging
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