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8812 * algorithmic approach to some problems in terrain navigation, An
* Curvature Morphology
* Geometric Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to the Special Volume
* Geometric Reasoning for Constructing 3D Scene Descriptions from Images
* Geometric reasoning with logic and algebra
* Geometric Relationships Between Toleranced Features
* Hierarchical Edge Detection
* Hierarchical Representations of Collections of Small Rectangles
* High Level Document Analysis Guided by Geometric Aspects
* Locating Corners in Noisy Curves by Delineating Imperfect Sequences
* Manipulation of run-length encoded images
* Mathematical Model for Shape Description Using Minkowski Operators, A
* Method and means for efficiently handling boundary conditions in connected component labeling
* multi-level geometric reasoning system for vision, A
* Multilevel Thresholding Using Edge Matching
* Multiobject Pattern Recognition and Detection in Noisy Backgrounds Using a Hierarchical Approach
* On the Geometric Interpretation of Image Contours
* Properties of Fractal Intensity Surfaces
* Robustness of Image Pyramids Under Structural Perturbations
* Sequential Adaptive Recursive Filter for Image Restoration, A
* Shape Description from Sparse and Imperfect Data
* Signature verification algorithm
* Surface Reconstruction of 3D Objects in Computerized Tomography
* Wu's Method and Its Application to Perspective Viewing
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