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8309 * Apparatus and method for preprocessing video frame signals
* Chain Coding with a Hexagonal Lattice
* Contour-Based Motion Estimation
* Design and Implementation of SPIDER: A Transportable Image Processing Software Package
* Designing a Handwriting Reader
* Determining Motion Parameters Using a Perturbation Approach
* Efficient Recovery of Shape from Texture
* Generating Object Descriptions for Model Retrieval
* Halftone detection and delineation
* Histogram Deconvolution: An Aid to Automated Classifiers
* Image Random File Access Routines
* Image Reconstruction by Parametric Cubic Convolution
* Inherent Bias and Noise in the Hough Transform
* Laser Time-of-Flight Range Scanner for Robotic Vision, A
* Manipulation and Presentation of Multidimensional Image Data Using the Peano Scan
* Multidimensional Logical Transforms
* Neighboring Gray Level Dependence Matrix for Texture Classification
* Parallelism in Vision: Correspondent's Report
* Parsing and Translation of (Attributed) Expansive Graph Languages for Scene Analysis
* Pattern Recognition Experiments in the Mandala/Cosine Domain
* Picture Information Measures for Similarity Retrieval
* Quad-Trees, Oct-Trees, and K-Trees: A Generalized Approach to Recursive Decomposition of Euclidean Space
* Quadtree Medial Axis Transform, A
* Some Remarks on the Use of Color in Machine Vision
* Structure from Stereo and Motion
* Television picture stabilizing system
* Topology Quasi-Preservation by Local Parallel Operations
* Waveform Segmentation and Description Using Edge Preserving Smoothing
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