8.6.4 Fua and Leclerc Guided Segmentation Papers

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Segmentation, Knowledge. Segmentation, Guided. Model Based Segmentation. Segmentation, Model Based.

Fua, P.[Pascal], and Hanson, A.J.,
Objective Functions for Feature Discrimination,
IJCAI89(1596-1602). Other versions are: BibRef 8900
Objective Functions for Feature Discrimination: Theory,
DARPA89(443-460). BibRef
Objective Functions for Feature Discrimination: Applications to Semiautomated and Automated Feature Extraction,
DARPA89(676-694). (SRI) Together, these papers use a class of objective functions to order labels and maximize the probability of correct division. It combines geometry (rectangles) and image data (uniformity) to fit the shape to the data. BibRef

Fua, P., and Hanson, A.J.,
An Optimization Framework for Feature Extraction,
MVA(4), No. 2, Spring 1991, pp. 59-87. BibRef 9100

Fua, P., and Hanson, A.J.,
Extracting Generic Shapes Using Model-Driven Optimization,
DARPA88(994-1004). Extension of last year's work: BibRef 8800
Using Generic Geometric Models for Intelligent Shape Extraction,
AAAI-87(706-711). BibRef
And: DARPA87(227-233). Segmentation, Shapes. Active Contours. Building Recognition. Road Detection. Somewhat an extension of the earlier work. The different generic region or boundary types are used in the extraction and refinement of the segmentation. Applied to buildings, roads, and trees. Pieces of the boundary are used to estimate locations for other pieces. BibRef

Fua, P.[Pascal], and Hanson, A.J.,
Resegmentation Using Generic Shape: Locating General Cultural Objects,
PRL(5), 1987, pp. 243-252. BibRef 8700
Locating Cultural Regions in Aerial Imagery using Geometric Cues,
DARPA85(271-278). Segmentation, Edges. (SRI) Improve the segmentations by using straight line sides of regions as constraints. The regions are found by an Ohlander-type segmentor and refined by finding straight lines as sides and looking at the arrangement of the straight lines. BibRef

Fua, P., and Leclerc, Y.G.,
Model Driven Edge Detection,
MVA(3), No. 1, 1990, pp. 45-56.
PS File. BibRef 9000
Earlier: DARPA88(1016-1021). BibRef
And: A2, A1:
Finding Object Boundaries Using Guided Gradient Ascent,
DARPA87(888-891). Segmentation, Edges. Basically a simple large scale edge detector where the shape of the edge is changed to fit the actual data. BibRef

Leclerc, Y.G.,
Constructing Simple Stable Descriptions for Image Partitioning,
IJCV(3), No. 1. May 1989, pp. 73-102.
Springer DOI
PS File. BibRef 8905
Earlier: DARPA88(365-382). BibRef

Leclerc, Y.G.,
Image and Boundary Segmentation Via Minimal-Length Encoding on the Connection Machine,
DARPA89(1056-1069). Region segmentation and boundary encoding as segments. BibRef 8900

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