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RobAS( Vol No. ) * *Robotics and Autonomous Systems

RobAS(12) * Certainty Grids: Perception and Localisation for a Mobile Robot
* Planning and Execution Control for an Autonomous Mobile Robot

RobAS(13) * Contribution To Multisensor Fusion Formalization

RobAS(15) * Integration and Control of Reactive Visual Processes

RobAS(20) * Self-calibration based in invariant view recognition: Dynamic approach to navigation

RobAS(21) * Model-Driven Grouping and Recognition of Generic Object Parts from a Single Image

RobAS(26) * Robotic Sensing for the Partially Sighted

RobAS(28) * vision based navigation system for autonomous aircraft, A

RobAS(36) * Sequential Localization and Map-Building for Real-Time Computer Vision and Robotics

RobAS(47) * Color-based visual servoing under varying illumination conditions

RobAS(52) * Feature tracking for visual servoing purposes

RobAS(54) * Measurement errors in visual servoing

RobAS(6) * Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo

RobAS(7) * Relative 3-D-state Estimation for Autonomous Visual Guidance of Road Vehicles

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