Journals starting with psyc

PsychBul( Vol No. ) * *Psychological Bulletin

PsychBul(xx) * Quantitative Study of Shape and Pattern Perception, The

PsychCV75 * *Psychology of Computer Vision, The
* Analyzing Intensity Arrays Using Knowledge About Scenes
* Learning Structural Descriptions from Examples
* Obtaining Shape from Shading Information
* Understanding Line Drawings of Scenes with Shadows

Psychologische Forschung(4) * Untersuchungen zur Lehre der Gestalt, II

Psychophysiology(36) * Automated Face Analysis by Feature Point Tracking Has High Concurrent Validity with Manual FACS Coding
* Measuring Facial Expressions by Computer Image Analysis

PsychR( Vol No. ) * *Psychological Review

PsychR(101) * Toward a General Theory of Stereopsis: Binocular Matching, Occluding Contours and Fusion

PsychR(106) * Anchoring Theory of Lightness Perception, An

PsychR(61) * Some Informational Aspects of Visual Perception

PsychR(64) * Opponent-Process Theory of Color Vision, An
* Optical Motion and Transformations as Stimuli for Visual Perceptions

PsychR(72) * Optical Texture and Linear Perspective as Stimuli for Slant Perception

PsychR(75) * What Gives Rise to the Perception of Motion?

PsychR(84) * Features of Similarity

PsychR(94) * Recognition by Components: A Theory of Human Image Understanding

PsychSci( Vol No. ) * *Psychological Science

PsychSci(3) * Facial expression of emotion: New findings, new questions

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