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PBMCV95 * *Physics Based Modeling Workshop in Computer Vision
* 3D Scene Representation Using A Deformable Surface
* 5+/-2 Eigenimages Suffice: An Empirical Investigation of Low-Dimensional Lighting Models
* Determining the Similarity of Deformable Shapes
* Illumination Planner for Convex and Concave Lambertian Polyhedral Objects, An
* Model Based Part Segmentation of Range Data: Hyperquadrics and Dividing Planes
* Model-Based Image-Enhancement of Far-Infrared Images
* Multi-Spectral Based Cell Segmentation and Analysis
* New Directions in Texture Modeling Using Random Fields with Random Spatial Interaction
* Nonlinear Finite Element Methods for Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* Physical-Model Based Reconstruction of the Global Instantaneous Velocity Field from Velocity Measurements at a Few Points
* Physically-Based and Adaptive Preconditioners for Early Vision
* Physics-Based Approach for Detecting Man-Made Objects in Ultra-Wideband SAR Imagery, A
* Physics-like Invariants for Vision
* Polarization Based Removal of Spurious Inter-Reflections in Active Ranging
* Principal Components Analysis and Neural Network Implementation of Photometric Stereo
* Ray-Based Computational Model of Light Sources and Illumination, A
* Reflectance Analysis Under Solar Illumination
* Seeing Physics or, Physics Is for Prediction
* Shape Decomposition Based on Erosion Model
* Spatiotemporal Operators and Optic Flow
* Surface Approximation Of Complex Multipart Objects
* Thermophysical Affine Invariants from IR Imagery for Object Recognition
* Volumetric Segmentation of Medical Images by Three-Dimensional Bubbles
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