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IT(1) * Piecewise Linear Random Paths on a Plane and a Central Limit Theorem
* Predictive Coding
* Probability Distributions of Randomly Moving Objects on a Plane

IT(10) * Signal Detection by Complex Spatial Filtering
* TV Band Compression by Multi-Mode Interpolation

IT(11) * Classification of Binary Random Patterns

IT(12) * Run-Length Encodings
* System for the Automatic Recognition of Moving Patterns, A

IT(13) * Bibliography on Television Bandwidth Reduction Studies, A
* Error bounds for convolutional codes and an asymptotically optimal decoding algorithm
* Nearest Neighbor Pattern Classification

IT(14) * Approximating discrete probability distributions with dependence trees
* Bandwidth Reduction Bibliography
* Condensed Nearest Neighbor Rule, The
* Estimation by the Nearest-Neighbor Rule
* On the Mean Accuracy of Statistical Pattern Recognizers
* Performance of an Adaptive Image Data Compression System in the Presence of Noise, The

IT(15) * Application of Cluster Detection to Text and Picture Processing, An
* Comments on Linear Feature Extraction

IT(16) * On Optimum Recognition Error and Reject Trade-Offs

IT(17) * Bibliography on Data Compression, Picture Properties, and Picture Coding, A
* Comparison of Line-by-Line and Two-Dimensional Encoding of Images

IT(18) * Broadcast channels
* Reduced Nearest Neighbor Rule, The
* Two dimensional Discrete Markov Random Fields

IT(19) * Noiseless Coding of Correlated Information Sources

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