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Egocentric-C16 * *Workshop on Egocentric Vision
* Body Part Based Re-Identification from an Egocentric Perspective
* Discovering Objects of Joint Attention via First-Person Sensing
* Multimodal Multi-Stream Deep Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Pointing Gesture Based Egocentric Interaction System: Dataset, Approach and Application, A

Egocentric09 * *Workshop on Egocentric Vision
* AWEAR 2.0 system: Omni-directional audio-visual data acquisition and processing
* Egocentric recognition of handled objects: Benchmark and analysis
* EYEWATCHME: 3D Hand and object tracking for inside out activity analysis
* High level activity recognition using low resolution wearable vision
* Image matching in large scale indoor environment
* Learning texton models for real-time scene context
* Self lane assignment using egocentric smart mobile camera for intelligent GPS navigation
* Temporal segmentation and activity classification from first-person sensing
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Egocentric12 * *Workshop on Egocentric Vision
* Adaptive object tracking by learning background context
* Consistency analysis and improvement for single-camera localization
* Coupling eye-motion and ego-motion features for first-person activity recognition
* Wearable omnidirectional vision system for personal localization and guidance

Egocentric14 * *Workshop on Egocentric Vision
* Action and Interaction Recognition in First-Person Videos
* Attention-Based Activity Recognition for Egocentric Video, An
* Efficient Retrieval from Large-Scale Egocentric Visual Data Using a Sparse Graph Representation
* Experiments on an RGB-D Wearable Vision System for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Eye-Model-Based Gaze Estimation by RGB-D Camera
* From Ego to Nos-Vision: Detecting Social Relationships in First-Person Views
* Introduction to the 3rd Workshop on Egocentric (First-Person) Vision, An
* Sequential Classifier for Hand Detection in the Framework of Egocentric Vision, A
* Temporally-Dependent Dirichlet Process Mixtures for Egocentric Video Segmentation
* This Hand Is My Hand: A Probabilistic Approach to Hand Disambiguation in Egocentric Video
* Understanding the Nature of First-Person Videos: Characterization and Classification Using Low-Level Features
* Video-Based Object Recognition Using Novel Set-of-Sets Representations
* Visual Navigation Aid for the Blind in Dynamic Environments
* Wisdom of the Crowd in Egocentric Video Curation
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Egocentric16 * *Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing
* A3D: A Device for Studying Gaze in 3D
* Context Change Detection for an Ultra-Low Power Low-Resolution Ego-Vision Imager
* DeepDiary: Automatically Captioning Lifelogging Image Streams
* Egocentric Vision for Visual Market Basket Analysis
* Face-Off: A Face Reconstruction Technique for Virtual Reality (VR) Scenarios
* GPU Accelerated Left/Right Hand-Segmentation in First Person Vision
* Interactive Feature Growing for Accurate Object Detection in Megapixel Images
* SEMBED: Semantic Embedding of Egocentric Action Videos
* Temporal Segmentation of Egocentric Videos to Highlight Personal Locations of Interest
* Towards Semantic Fast-Forward and Stabilized Egocentric Videos
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Egocentric17 * *Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing
* Batch-Based Activity Recognition from Egocentric Photo-Streams
* Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Recognizing First Person Interactions
* Finding Time Together: Detection and Classification of Focused Interaction in Egocentric Video
* Fully Convolutional Network and Region Proposal for Instance Identification with Egocentric Vision
* How Shall We Evaluate Egocentric Action Recognition?
* Object is Worth Six Thousand Pictures: The Egocentric, Manual, Multi-image (EMMI) Dataset, An
* Outdoor Operation of Structured Light in Mobile Phone
* Reading Text in the Wild from Compressed Images
* SaltiNet: Scan-Path Prediction on 360 Degree Images Using Saliency Volumes
* Temporal Localization and Spatial Segmentation of Joint Attention in Multiple First-Person Videos
* Using Cross-Model EgoSupervision to Learn Cooperative Basketball Intention
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Egocentric18 * *Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing
* Leveraging Uncertainty to Rethink Loss Functions and Evaluation Measures for Egocentric Action Anticipation
* MACNet: Multi-scale Atrous Convolution Networks for Food Places Classification in Egocentric Photo-Streams
* MAM: Transfer Learning for Fully Automatic Video Annotation and Specialized Detector Creation
* PathGAN: Visual Scanpath Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks

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