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CVVRHC98 * *Workshop on Computer Vision for Virtual Reality Based Human Communications
* 3-D Acquisition and Interpretation for Virtual Reality and Telepresence
* Altering Reality through Interactive Image and Video Manipulation
* Displaying Motion Parallax by Occlusion Detectable Stereo
* Explorations of 3D Virtual Spaces: Applications of VR
* From Geometry to Variational Calculus: Theory and Applications of Three-Dimensional Vision
* Generating Virtual Environments for Human Communications: Virtual Metamorphosis System and Novel View Generation
* Omnidirectional Sensing and Combined Multiple Sensing
* Omnifocused 3D Display Using the Nonfrontal Imaging Camera
* User Interface Technologies for a Virtual Communication Space
* Virtual Worlds Using Computer Vision
* Vision and Graphics in Producing Mixed Reality Worlds
* Visual/Haptic Interface to Virtual Environment (WYSIWYF Display) and Its Application
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