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Valk, N.V.[Nick Vander] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Rendering for Large-Scale Skyline Characterization and Matching
* Image to LIDAR matching for geotagging in urban environments
Includes: Valk, N.V.[Nick Vander] Valk, N.V.[N. Vander]

Valkama, M. Co Author Listing * Blind Signal Estimation in Widely-Linear Signal Models With Fourth-Order Circularity: Algorithms and Application to Receiver I/Q Calibration
* Digital Suppression of Power Amplifier Spurious Emissions at Receiver Band in FDD Transceivers
* Distributed Differential Modulation Over Asymmetric Fading Channels
* Entropy and Channel Capacity under Optimum Power and Rate Adaptation over Generalized Fading Conditions
* Radar Scheme With Raised Reflector for NLOS Vehicle Detection
Includes: Valkama, M. Valkama, M.[Mikko]

Valkanas, A.[Antonios] Co Author Listing * Population Monte Carlo With Normalizing Flow

Valkanou, K.[Kanella] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Neotectonic Landscape Deformation in Evia Island, Greece, Using GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Analysis

Valkealahit, K.[Kimmo] Co Author Listing * Reduced Multidimensional Histograms in Color Texture Description

Valkealahti, K. Co Author Listing * Cooccurrence Map: Quantizing Multidimensional Texture Histograms
* Reduced Multidimensional Cooccurrence Histograms in Texture Classification
* Reduced Multidimensional Texture Histograms
* Texture Classification with Single and Multiresolution Cooccurrence Maps
* Texture discrimination with multidimensional distributions of signed gray-level differences
Includes: Valkealahti, K. Valkealahti, K.[Kimmo]

Valkenberg, A.J. Co Author Listing * Advanced traffic monitoring for sustainable traffic management: Experiences and results of five years of collaborative research in the Netherlands

Valkenburg, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Modelling by Fusion of Potentially Reliable Active Range and Passive Stereo Data
* Calibration of the relative poses of multiple cameras
* Fusing Large Volumes of Range and Image Data for Accurate Description of Realistic 3D Scenes
* On fusion of active range data and passive stereo data for 3D scene modelling
* Target Calibration and Tracking Using Conformal Geometric Algebra
Includes: Valkenburg, R.[Robert] Valkenburg, R.

Valkenburg, R.J. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3d Measurement Using A Structured Light System
* Comparison of Local Surface Geometry Estimation Methods, A
* Robust calibration of the position of reference targets for a six degrees of freedom pose sensor

Valko, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Broaden Your Views for Self-Supervised Video Learning
* Compressing the Input for CNNs with the First-Order Scattering Transform
* Learning from a single labeled face and a stream of unlabeled data
* Online semi-supervised perception: Real-time learning without explicit feedback
* Scaling the Scattering Transform: Deep Hybrid Networks

Valko, O.[Orsolya] Co Author Listing * Classification of Herbaceous Vegetation Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Valko, O.[Orsolya] Valkó, O.[Orsolya]

Valkonen, M. Co Author Listing * ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Cytokeratin-Supervised Deep Learning for Automatic Recognition of Epithelial Cells in Breast Cancers Stained for ER, PR, and Ki-67
* Dual Structured Convolutional Neural Network with Feature Augmentation for Quantitative Characterization of Tissue Histology

Valkonen, T.[Tuomo] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of the PDHGM on Partially Strongly Convex Functions
* Asymptotic Behaviour of Total Generalised Variation
* Bilevel Parameter Learning for Higher-Order Total Variation Regularisation Models
* Diffusion Tensor Imaging with Deterministic Error Bounds
* Imaging with Kantorovich-Rubinstein Discrepancy
* Limiting Aspects of Nonconvex TV-phi Models
* Relaxed Gauss-Newton Methods with Applications to Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Total Generalized Variation in Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Includes: Valkonen, T.[Tuomo] Valkonen, T.
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Valks, P.[Pieter] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Surface NO2 Concentrations over Germany from TROPOMI Satellite Observations Using a Machine Learning Method
* NO2 Retrieval from the Environmental Trace Gases Monitoring Instrument (EMI): Preliminary Results and Intercomparison with OMI and TROPOMI

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