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Vacca Goutoulli, M. Co Author Listing * From the Questioning of the Archaeologists to the Builders'. The Example of the Mediaeval Quarry of sol de Roques
Includes: Vacca Goutoulli, M. Vacca-Goutoulli, M.

Vacca, A.[Annalisa] Co Author Listing * Interoperability of Biometric Systems: Analysis of Geometric Characteristics of Handwritten Signatures

Vacca, F. Co Author Listing * Optimized Cordic Core for Frequency-Domain Motion Estimation
* Scalable phase extraction methods for phase plane motion estimation

Vacca, G. Co Author Listing * Geomatics and Archaeometric Investigations for The Sustainable Reuse Of Ruins. The Santa Chiara Convent Ruin in Cagliari (Sardinia)
* GIS of Sardinia's Coastal Defense System (XVI - XVIII CENTURY), A
* Integrated Study of The Beata Vergine Assunta Dome With Structure From Motion and Diagnostic Approaches
* Laser Scanner Survey To Cultural Heritage Conservation And Restoration
* Quasi-)Real-Time Inversion of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data via Artificial Neural Network
* Spatial Information System (SIS) for the Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Sardinia (Italy), A
* Spreading of Localized Information across an Entire 3D Electrical Resistivity Volume via Constrained EMI Inversion Based on a Realistic Prior Distribution
* Structure from Motion Point Clouds for Structural Monitoring
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner For Monitoring The Deformations And The Damages Of Buildings
* Use of Nadir and Oblique UAV Images for Building Knowledge, The
* WebGIS for the Knowledge and Conservation of the Historical Wall Structures of the 13th-18th Centuries, A
Includes: Vacca, G. Vacca, G.[Giuseppina]
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Vaccarelli, A. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Method for Detecting Three-Dimensional Objects in a Picture, An
* Algebraic-Method for Detection and Recognition of Polyhedral Objects from a Single Image, An
* Asymmetric Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Java Card TM, An
* MOC via TOC Using a Mobile Agent Framework
Includes: Vaccarelli, A. Vaccarelli, A.[Anna]

Vaccari, A. Co Author Listing * Bact-3D: A level set segmentation approach for dense multi-layered 3D bacterial biofilms
* Graph cut segmentation of sparsely sampled images with application to InSAR-measured changes in elevation
* LaWeCo: Active region detection in non-uniformly sampled data using Laplacian-weighted covariance
* SSPARED: Saliency and sparse code analysis for rare event detection in video
* UGrAD: A graph-theoretic framework for classification of activity with complementary graph boundary detection
* UGraSP: A unified framework for activity recognition and person identification using graph signal processing
Includes: Vaccari, A. Vaccari, A.[Andrea]

Vaccari, F.P.[Francesco Primo] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of UAV, Aircraft and Satellite Remote Sensing Platforms for Precision Viticulture

Vaccari, L.[Lorenzino] Co Author Listing * evaluation of ontology matching in geo-service applications, An

Vaccari, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * High Quality-Speed Dilemma: A Comparison Between Segmentation Methods for Traffic Monitoring Applications
* Novel Spatio-temporal Approach to Handle Occlusions in Vehicle Tracking, A
* Occlusion Robust Vehicle Tracking based on SOM (Self-Organizing Map)
* Real time detection of stopped vehicles in traffic scenes
* Using local and global object's information to track vehicles in urban scenes

Vaccaro, R. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Spatial Correlation Features for SAR Image Analysis
* Spatial correlation features for SAR images in a small sample size context
Includes: Vaccaro, R. Vaccaro, R.[Roberto]

Vaccher, V.[Valeria] Co Author Listing * Cost-Effective Method to Reproduce the Morphology of the Nearshore and Intertidal Zone in Microtidal Environments, A

Vacchetti, B.[Bartolomeo] Co Author Listing * Movie Lens: Discovering and Characterizing Editing Patterns in the Analysis of Short Movie Sequences

Vacchetti, L. Co Author Listing * Fusing online and offline information for stable 3D tracking in real-time
* Stable Real-Time 3D Tracking Using Online and Offline Information
* Stable real-time interaction between virtual humans and real scenes

Vacchi, S.[Samuele] Co Author Listing * Neo Euclide: A Low-Cost System for Performance Animation and Puppetry

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