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Um, B.S.[Bong S.] Co Author Listing * new approach to similarity retrieval of 2-D graphic objects based on dominant shapes, A

Um, G. Co Author Listing * Disparity Refinement with Guided Filtering of Soft 3D Cost Function in Multi-view Stereo System

Um, G.M.[Gi Mun] Co Author Listing * Autostereoscopic 3D video generation from stereoscopic videos using FPGA and GPU
* Depth Scaling of Multiview Images for Automultiscopic 3D Monitors
* End-to-End Image Stitching Network via Multi-Homography Estimation
* Improvement of segment-based depth estimation using a novel segment extraction
* Multi-view 3D video acquisition using hybrid cameras with beam splitter
Includes: Um, G.M.[Gi Mun] Um, G.M.[Gi-Mun]

Um, I.T. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Clustering Methods for MLP-based Speaker Verification

Um, J.H.[Jung Ho] Co Author Listing * New Signature-Based Indexing Scheme for Efficient Trajectory Retrieval in Spatial Networks, A
Includes: Um, J.H.[Jung Ho] Um, J.H.[Jung-Ho]

Um, J.S.[Jung Sup] Co Author Listing * Comparative Evaluation of Mapping Accuracy between UAV Video versus Photo Mosaic for the Scattered Urban Photovoltaic Panel
* Evaluating the Correlation between Thermal Signatures of UAV Video Stream versus Photomosaic for Urban Rooftop Solar Panels
* Video Strip Mosaicking: A Two-Dimensional Approach by Convergent Image Bridging
Includes: Um, J.S.[Jung Sup] Um, J.S.[Jung-Sup] Um, J.S.

Um, K.[Kiwon] Co Author Listing * Computer-generated iron filing art
* Inferring Stochastic Regular Grammar with Nearness Information for Human Action Recognition
* Leaking Fluids
Includes: Um, K.[Kiwon] Um, K.[Kyhyun]

Um, S. Co Author Listing * Fast 2D Complex Gabor Filter With Kernel Decomposition

Um, S.W.[Sang Won] Co Author Listing * Color Correction System Using a Color Compensation Chart for the Images from Digital Camera
Includes: Um, S.W.[Sang Won] Um, S.W.[Sang-Won]

Um, T.W.[Tai Won] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection System of Olive Trees Using Improved K-Means Algorithm
* novel fountain code-based mobile IPTV multicast system architecture over WiMAX network, A
Includes: Um, T.W.[Tai Won] Um, T.W.[Tai-Won]

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