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Tupin, F.[Florence] Co Author Listing * Building detection from high-resolution PolSAR data at the rectangle level by combining region and edge information
* CARRADA Dataset: Camera and Automotive Radar with Range- Angle- Doppler Annotations
* Correlation-Based Dissimilarity Measure for Noisy Patches, A
* Definition of a Spatial Entropy and Its Use for Texture Discrimination
* Denoising based on non local means for ultrasound images with simultaneous multiple noise distributions
* Detection of building outlines based on the fusion of SAR and optical features
* Detection Of Linear Features In SAR Images: Application To Road Network Extraction
* Exact discrete minimization for TV+L0 image decomposition models
* Exploiting Patch Similarity for SAR Image Processing: The nonlocal paradigm
* Extraction and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Isolated Buildings in Urban Scenes From High-Resolution Optical and SAR Spaceborne Images
* First Step Toward Automatic Interpretation of SAR Images Using Evidential Fusion of Several Structure Detectors, A
* Fusion Scheme for Joint Retrieval of Urban Height Map and Classification From High-Resolution Interferometric SAR Images, A
* graph-cut based algorithm for approximate MRF optimization, A
* Ground Moving Target Trajectory Reconstruction in Single-Channel Circular SAR
* How to Compare Noisy Patches? Patch Similarity Beyond Gaussian Noise
* Introducing Spatial Regularization in SAR Tomography Reconstruction
* Iterative Weighted Maximum Likelihood Denoising With Probabilistic Patch-Based Weights
* Joint Regularization of Phase and Amplitude of InSAR Data: Application to 3-D Reconstruction
* Junction-Aware Extraction and Regularization of Urban Road Networks in High-Resolution SAR Images
* LSDSAR, a Markovian a contrario framework for line segment detection in SAR images
* Markov random field on region adjacency graph for the fusion of SAR and optical data in radargrammetric applications
* Markovian Scheme for Joint Retrieval of Classification and Height Map from Urban Interferometric SAR Images, A
* Modeling the distribution of patches with shift-invariance: Application to SAR image restoration
* MuLoG, or How to Apply Gaussian Denoisers to Multi-Channel SAR Speckle Reduction?
* Multi-temporal SAR classification according to change detection operators
* Multi-View Radar Semantic Segmentation
* Multilabel partition moves for MRF optimization
* Multitemporal Method for Correction of Tropospheric Effects in Differential SAR Interferometry: Application to the Gulf of Corinth Earthquake, A
* NL-InSAR: Nonlocal Interferogram Estimation
* NL-SAR: A Unified Nonlocal Framework for Resolution-Preserving (Pol)(In)SAR Denoising
* NORCAMA: Change analysis in SAR time series by likelihood ratio change matrix clustering
* Parisar: Patch-Based Estimation and Regularized Inversion for Multibaseline SAR Interferometry
* Patch similarity under non Gaussian noise
* Poisson NL means: Unsupervised non local means for Poisson noise
* Quality evaluation of 3D city building Models with automatic error diagnosis
* Ratio-Based Multitemporal SAR Images Denoising: RABASAR
* Relational graph labelling using learning techniques and markov random fields
* Road detection in dense urban areas using SAR imagery and the usefulness of multiple views
* SAR Image Despeckling by Deep Neural Networks: from a Pre-Trained Model to an End-to-End Training Strategy
* SAR Image Regularization With Fast Approximate Discrete Minimization
* SAR-SIFT: A SIFT-Like Algorithm for SAR Images
* Sparse-smooth decomposition models for multi-temporal SAR images
* Training CNNs on speckled optical dataset for edge detection in SAR images
* Two-Step Multitemporal Nonlocal Means for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Unsupervised Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Segmentation Using Fisher Distributions
* Urban area change detection based on generalized likelihood ratio test
* Urban surface reconstruction in SAR tomography by graph-cuts
Includes: Tupin, F.[Florence] Tupin, F.
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