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Tout, K. Co Author Listing * Improving LULC Classification From Satellite Imagery Using Deep Learning - Eurosat Dataset

Toutain, F. Co Author Listing * Packet loss resilient MPEG-4 compliant video coding for the Internet

Toutain, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Whole Slide Images of Equine Tendinopathy
* Eikonal-based vertices growing and iterative seeding for efficient graph-based segmentation
* Non-local Discrete INF-Poisson and Hamilton Jacobi Equations
* Nonlocal PDE morphology: a generalized shock operator on graph
* Nonlocal PDEs on Graphs: From Tug-of-War Games to Unified Interpolation on Images and Point Clouds
* On the p-Laplacian and inf-Laplacian on Graphs with Applications in Image and Data Processing
Includes: Toutain, M. Toutain, M.[Matthieu]

Toutant, J.L.[Jean Luc] Co Author Listing * Arc Recognition on Irregular Isothetic Grids and Its Application to Reconstruction of Noisy Digital Contours
* Characterization of Simple Closed Surfaces in Z3: A New Proposition with a Graph-Theoretical Approach
* Characterization of the Closest Discrete Approximation of a Line in the 3-Dimensional Space
* Implicit Digital Surfaces in Arbitrary Dimensions
* On the Connecting Thickness of Arithmetical Discrete Planes
Includes: Toutant, J.L.[Jean Luc] Toutant, J.L.[Jean-Luc] Toutant, J.L.

Toutin, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Photogrammetric Processing of Worldview-2 Data Without GCP
* Accuracy Assessment of Stereo-Extracted Data from Airborne SAR Images
* Automated DEM Extraction and Orthoimage Generation from SPOT Level 1B Imagery
* Block Bundle Adjustment of Landsat 7 ETM+ Images over Mountainous Areas
* Comparison of 3D Physical and Empirical Models for Generating DSMs from Stereo HR Images
* DEM from stereo Landsat 7 ETM+ data over high relief areas
* DEM Generation with Radarsat-2 Data without GCP
* DSMS Generation from COSMO-SKYMED, RADARSAT-2 AND TERRASAR-X Imagery on Beauport (Canada) Test Site: Evaluation and Comparison of Different Radargrammetric Approaches
* Elevation modelling from satellite visible and infrared (VIR) data
* Error Tracking of Radargrammetric DEM from RADARSAT Images
* Evaluation and comparison of different radargrammetric approaches for Digital Surface Models generation from COSMO-SkyMed, TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT-2 imagery: Analysis of Beauport (Canada) test site
* Generation of DSMs from SPOT-5 in-track HRS and across-track HRG stereo data using spatiotriangulation and autocalibration
* Impact of no GCP on elevation extraction from WorldView stereo data
* Impact of Radarsat-2 SAR Ultrafine-Mode Parameters on Stereo-Radargrammetric DEMs
* Impact of terrain slope and aspect on radargrammetric DEM accuracy
* Object-Oriented Interpretation and Classification with Airborne LiDAR 3D Data
* Orthorectification of Full-Polarimetric Radarsat-2 Data Using Accurate LIDAR DSM
* Path Processing and Block Adjustment With RADARSAT-1 SAR Images
* Potential of Road Stereo Mapping with RADARSAT Images
* Qualitative Aspects of Chromo-Stereoscopy for Depth-Perception
* Scientist's Idealism versus User's Realism on Radarsat-2 HR Stereo Capability without GCP: Two Cases over North and Arctic Sites in Canada
* Single Versus Stereo ERS-1 SAR Imagery for Planimetric Features Extraction
* Spatiotriangulation With Multisensor HR Stereo-Images
* SPOT and Landsat Stereo Fusion for Data Extraction over Mountainous Areas
* State-of-the-art of elevation extraction from satellite SAR data
* Stereo Radargrammetry With Radarsat-2 in the Canadian Arctic
* Three-dimensional topographic mapping with ASTER stereo data in rugged topography
Includes: Toutin, T. Toutin, T.[Thierry]
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Toutios, A.[Asterios] Co Author Listing * High-frame-rate real-time imaging of speech production

Toutounchi, F. Co Author Listing * Advanced Super-Resolution Using Lossless Pooling Convolutional Networks

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