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Tosi, A. Co Author Listing * Automotive Three-Dimensional Vision Through a Single-Photon Counting SPAD Camera
* Passive Inter-Photon Imaging
Includes: Tosi, A. Tosi, A.[Alberto]

Tosi, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Active Stereo Without Pattern Projector
* Beyond Local Reasoning for Stereo Confidence Estimation with Deep Learning
* Booster: A Benchmark for Depth From Images of Specular and Transparent Surfaces
* Continual Adaptation for Deep Stereo
* Depth super-resolution from explicit and implicit high-frequency features
* Distilled Semantics for Comprehensive Scene Understanding from Videos
* Efficient Confidence Measures for Embedded Stereo
* Enabling Image-Based Streamflow Monitoring at the Edge
* Enabling monocular depth perception at the very edge
* Even More Confident Predictions with Deep Machine-Learning
* GasMono: Geometry-Aided Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Indoor Scenes
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Unsupervised Monocular Depth Prediction
* Geometry Meets Semantics for Semi-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* GO-SLAM: Global Optimization for Consistent 3D Instant Reconstruction
* Guided Stereo Matching
* Learning a confidence measure in the disparity domain from O(1) features
* Learning a General-Purpose Confidence Measure Based on O(1) Features and a Smarter Aggregation Strategy for Semi Global Matching
* Learning Depth Estimation for Transparent and Mirror Surfaces
* Learning Monocular Depth Estimation Infusing Traditional Stereo Knowledge
* Learning Monocular Depth Estimation with Unsupervised Trinocular Assumptions
* Leveraging a weakly adversarial paradigm for joint learning of disparity and confidence estimation
* Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The
* Monocular Depth Perception on Microcontrollers for Edge Applications
* NeRF-Supervised Deep Stereo
* Neural Disparity Refinement for Arbitrary Resolution Stereo
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on HR Depth from Images of Specular and Transparent Surfaces
* On the Confidence of Stereo Matching in a Deep-Learning Era: A Quantitative Evaluation
* On the Synergies Between Machine Learning and Binocular Stereo for Depth Estimation From Images: A Survey
* On the Uncertainty of Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Open Challenges in Deep Stereo: the Booster Dataset
* Optical Tracking Velocimetry (OTV): Leveraging Optical Flow and Trajectory-Based Filtering for Surface Streamflow Observations
* Quantitative Evaluation of Confidence Measures in a Machine Learning World
* Real-Time Self-Adaptive Deep Stereo
* Real-Time Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation Without GPU
* Reversing the Cycle: Self-supervised Deep Stereo Through Enhanced Monocular Distillation
* RGB-Multispectral Matching: Dataset, Learning Methodology, Evaluation
* Second Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The
* Self-adapting Confidence Estimation for Stereo
* SMD-Nets: Stereo Mixture Density Networks
Includes: Tosi, F.[Fabio] Tosi, F.
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Tosi, G. Co Author Listing * Cathedral of S. Lorenzo in Perugia and The Hypogeal Spaces. Geomatic Techniques for Spatial Investigations Aimed At The Knowledge And Interpretation of The Origin of The Transept, The
* Integrated Geomatic Techniques for Georeferencing and Reconstructing the Position of Underground Archaeological Sites: The Case Study of the Augustus Sundial (Rome)
* Tempio Della Consolazione In Todi: Integrated Geomatic Techniques for a Monument Description Including Structural Damage Evolution in Time, The
Includes: Tosi, G. Tosi, G.[Grazia]

Tosi, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Coastline Monitoring and Prediction Based on Long-Term Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study of the Eastern Coast of Laizhou Bay, China
* Combining L- and X-Band SAR Interferometry to Assess Ground Displacements in Heterogeneous Coastal Environments: The Po River Delta and Venice Lagoon, Italy
* Land Subsidence in Coastal Environments: Knowledge Advance in the Venice Coastland by TerraSAR-X PSI

Tosi, S.[Silvano] Co Author Listing * CAPS: A New Method for the Identification of Different Surface Displacements in Landslide and Subsidence Environments through Correlation Analysis on Persistent Scatterers Time-Series from PSI
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and Statistical Analysis of Time-Series for Landslide Monitoring: Application to Santo Stefano d'Aveto (Liguria, NW Italy)

Tosic, D. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Feature Based and Deep Learning Methods for Classification Of MMS Point Clouds

Tosic, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition using sparse spherical representations
* 3D face recognition with sparse spherical representations
* 3D keypoint detection by light field scale-depth space analysis
* Automated Eardrum Registration from Light-Field Data
* Bulged Eardrum Detection From 3D Data
* Dictionary Learning for Stereo Image Representation
* Distributed Coding of Multiresolution Omnidirectional Images
* Geometry-based distributed coding of multi-view omnidirectional images
* Geometry-Based Distributed Scene Representation With Omnidirectional Vision Sensors
* Learning Joint Intensity-Depth Sparse Representations
* Light Field Scale-Depth Space Transform for Dense Depth Estimation
* MVMP: Multi-view Matching Pursuit with geometry constraints
* Occlusion-aware layered scene recovery from light fields
* Omnidirectional Views Selection for Scene Representation
* Plenoptic system identification using random calibration patterns
* Progressive Coding of 3-D Objects Based on Overcomplete Decompositions
* Sparse stereo image coding with learned dictionaries
* Symmetric distributed coding of stereo omnidirectional images
* Wyner-Ziv Coding of Multi-View Omnidirectional Images with Overcomplete Decompositions
Includes: Tosic, I.[Ivana] Tošic, I. Tosic, I.
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Tosic, N.[Nikola] Co Author Listing * Maritime Over the Horizon Sensor Integration: HFSWR Data Fusion Algorithm

Tosini, R. Co Author Listing * Description and Classification of 3-D Objects

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