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Torkamani Azar, F.[Farah] Co Author Listing * Adaptive SVD-Based Digital Image Watermarking
* Human activity recognition using improved dynamic image
* Image quality assessment using block-based weighted SVD
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multiple Camera Target Tracking on Grassmann Tangent Subspace
* MPEG-2 Video Watermarking Using Pattern Consideration
* New Approach in Reversible Watermarking, A
* Object Tracking via Pixel-Wise and Block-Wise Sparse Representation
* Video quality measurement based on 3-D Singular value decomposition
Includes: Torkamani Azar, F.[Farah] Torkamani-Azar, F.[Farah]
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Torkamani, R.[Razieh] Co Author Listing * Bayesian compressive sensing using wavelet based Markov random fields
* Model-based decentralized Bayesian algorithm for distributed compressed sensing

Torkamaniazar, F. Co Author Listing * Image Recovery Using the Anisotropic Diffusion Equation

Torkan, M.[Masoud] Co Author Listing * Rapid Photogrammetry with a 360-Degree Camera for Tunnel Mapping

Torkar, D. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction from Aerial Images and Structural Stereo Matching

Torkhani, F.[Fakhri] Co Author Listing * Curvature Tensor Distance for Mesh Visual Quality Assessment, A
* Perceptual quality assessment of 3D dynamic meshes: Subjective and objective studies

Torkhani, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * 3D-2D face recognition method based on extended Gabor wavelet combining curvature and edge detection, A

Torki, K.[Kholdoun] Co Author Listing * Design of New Optimized Architecture Processor for DWT

Torki, M.[Marwan] Co Author Listing * Ablation-CAM++: Grouped Recursive Visual Explanations for Deep Convolutional Networks
* Learning a Joint Manifold Representation from Multiple Data Sets
* Learning representations from multiple manifolds
* Linear-time online action detection from 3D skeletal data using bags of gesturelets
* multi-modal feature fusion framework for kinect-based facial expression recognition using Dual Kernel Discriminant Analysis (DKDA), A
* Multi-Modality Feature Transform: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach
* One-shot multi-set non-rigid feature-spatial matching
* Putting local features on a manifold
* Real-Time Multi-scale Action Detection from 3D Skeleton Data
* Regression from local features for viewpoint and pose estimation
* RGBD object pose recognition using local-global multi-kernel regression
* Seeded Laplacian: An interactive image segmentation approach using eigenfunctions
* Spatial-Visual Label Propagation for Local Feature Classification
* Transmission of JPEG2000 images over frequency selective channels with unequal power allocation
* Vision Transformers Based Classification for Glaucomatous Eye Condition
Includes: Torki, M.[Marwan] Torki, M.
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Torkkola, K. Co Author Listing * Discriminative features for document classification
* Feature Extraction Using Information-Theoretic Learning
* Learning feature transforms is an easier problem than feature selection
Includes: Torkkola, K. Torkkola, K.[Kari]

Torkzadeh, P.[Pooya] Co Author Listing * Modification and hardware implementation of cortex-like object recognition model

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