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Tasi, T.S.[Tamas Samuel] Co Author Listing * Directional Convexity Measure for Binary Tomography
Includes: Tasi, T.S.[Tamas Samuel] Tasi, T.S.[Tamás Sámuel]

Tasic, J.[Jurij] Co Author Listing * Video Post-Processing with Adaptive 3-D Filters for Wavelet Ringing Artifact Removal

Tasic, J.F. Co Author Listing * Affective Labeling in a Content-Based Recommender System for Images
* Inhomogeneity correction and fat-tissue extraction in MR images of FacioScapuloHumeral muscular Dystrophy
* Optimization and Tracking of Polygon Vertices for Shape Coding
* pre-processing scheme for real-time registration of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images, A
* Rate-Distortion Snake: A Tool for Optimal Shape Coding
* TIRAMISU: A novel approach to content representation and key management for seamless super-distribution of protected media
* Video Object Segmentation Based on Edge Tracking
Includes: Tasic, J.F. Tasic, J.F.[Jurij F.]
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Tasinkevych, Y. Co Author Listing * Orthogonal Golay Codes With Local Beam Pattern Correction in Ultrasonic Imaging

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