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Tapajos, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Products Validated by Flux Tower Data in Amazon Rain Forest
Includes: Tapajos, R.[Raphael] Tapajós, R.[Raphael]

Tapamo, J.R.[Jules Raymond] Co Author Listing * email: Tapamo, J.R.[Jules Raymond]: tapamoj AT ukzn ac za
* Age Estimation with Local Ternary Directional Patterns
* Angled local directional pattern for texture analysis with an application to facial expression recognition
* Automatic lung segmentation based on Graph Cut using a distance-constrained energy
* Classification of Rail Welding Defects Based on the Bag of Visual Words Approach
* Detection and tracking of moving objects in a maritime environment using level set with shape priors
* Difference image and fuzzy c-means for detection of retinal vessels
* Directional Local Binary Pattern for Texture Analysis
* Evaluating the Change of Directional Patterns for Fingerprints with Missing Singular Points Under Rotation
* Fast Background Subtraction and Graph Cut for Thermal Pedestrian Detection
* Improved eigenspectrum regularisation for human activity recognition
* Improved Scheme of Local Directional Pattern for Texture Analysis with an Application to Facial Expressions, An
* Leaf Classification Using Convexity Measure of Polygons
* Missing Singular Point Resistant Fingerprint Classification Technique, Based on Directional Patterns, A
* Multi-Scale Image Analysis by Pyramidal Algorithms
* New Adaptive Thresholding Technique for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based on Local Homogeneity Information, A
* Optical Coherence Tomography Latent Fingerprint Image Denoising
* SAHF: Unsupervised Texture-Based Multiscale with Multicolor Method for Retinal Vessel Delineation
* Shape and Energy Based Approach to Vertical People Separation in Video Surveillance, A
* Slope Pattern Spectra for Human Action Recognition
* Study of the Region Covariance Descriptor: Impact of Feature Selection and Image Transformations, A
* Using Facial Expression Recognition for Crowd Monitoring
Includes: Tapamo, J.R.[Jules Raymond] Tapamo, J.R.[Jules-Raymond] Tapamo, J.R.[Jules R.] Tapamo, J.R.
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Tapang, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Improved Rainfall Data in the Philippines through Concurrent Use of GPM IMERG and Ground-Based Measurements

Taparugssanagorn, A.[Attaphongse] Co Author Listing * Human activity classification using long short-term memory network

Tapaswi, M.[Makarand] Co Author Listing * Airbert: In-Domain Pretraining for Vision-and-Language Navigation
* Aligning plot synopses to videos for story-based retrieval
* Audio-Visual Person Authentication with Multiple Visualized-Speech Features and Multiple Face Profiles
* Book2Movie: Aligning video scenes with book chapters
* Cleaning up after a face tracker: False positive removal
* Clustering based Contrastive Learning for Improving Face Representations
* Contextual Constraints for Person Retrieval in Camera Networks
* Fusion of Speech, Faces and Text for Person Identification in TV Broadcast
* How You Feelin'? Learning Emotions and Mental States in Movie Scenes
* HowTo100M: Learning a Text-Video Embedding by Watching Hundred Million Narrated Video Clips
* Improved weak labels using contextual cues for person identification in videos
* Knock! Knock! Who is it? probabilistic person identification in TV-series
* Learning from Unlabeled 3D Environments for Vision-and-Language Navigation
* Learning Interactions and Relationships Between Movie Characters
* Long term spatio-temporal modeling for action detection
* MovieGraphs: Towards Understanding Human-Centric Situations from Videos
* MovieQA: Understanding Stories in Movies through Question-Answering
* Naming TV characters by watching and analyzing dialogs
* Now You Shake Me: Towards Automatic 4D Cinema
* Recovering the Missing Link: Predicting Class-Attribute Associations for Unsupervised Zero-Shot Learning
* Semi-supervised Learning with Constraints for Person Identification in Multimedia Data
* Situation Recognition with Graph Neural Networks
* StoryGraphs: Visualizing Character Interactions as a Timeline
* Test of Time: Instilling Video-Language Models with a Sense of Time
* Think Global, Act Local: Dual-scale Graph Transformer for Vision-and-Language Navigation
* time pooled track kernel for person identification, A
* Unsupervised Audio-Visual Lecture Segmentation
* Video Face Clustering With Unknown Number of Clusters
Includes: Tapaswi, M.[Makarand] Tapaswi, M.
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Tapaswi, S.[Shashikala] Co Author Listing * Identifying Occurrences of Abnormal and Drunk Driving Using Smartphones
* Lower Bound on Transmission Using Non-Linear Bounding Function in Single Image Dehazing
* Structure based transmission estimation in single image dehazing
* Tight lower bound on transmission for single image dehazing

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