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Soomets, T.[Tuuli] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Lake Optical Water Types Derived from Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3
* Deriving Nutrient Concentrations from Sentinel-3 OLCI Data in North-Eastern Baltic Sea
* Remote Sensing of Black Lakes and Using 810 nm Reflectance Peak for Retrieving Water Quality Parameters of Optically Complex Waters
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Phytoplankton Primary Production in Baltic Lakes Using Sentinel-3 OLCI Data

Soomro, K.[Khurram] Co Author Listing * Action Localization in Videos through Context Walk
* Detecting Humans in Dense Crowds Using Locally-Consistent Scale Prior and Global Occlusion Reasoning
* Online Localization and Prediction of Actions and Interactions
* Predicting the Where and What of Actors and Actions through Online Action Localization
* Tracking When the Camera Looks Away
* UCF101: A Dataset of 101 Human Action Classes from Videos in The Wild
* Unsupervised Action Discovery and Localization in Videos
Includes: Soomro, K.[Khurram] Soomro, K.
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Soomro, N.Q.[Nouman Q.] Co Author Listing * Content-sensitive superpixel segmentation via self-organization-map neural network
* Superpixel segmentation: A benchmark

Soomro, S.[Shafiullah] Co Author Listing * Adaptive active contours based on variable kernel with constant initialisation
* Robust active contours for mammogram image segmentation
Includes: Soomro, S.[Shafiullah] Soomro, S.

Soomro, T.A.[Toufique A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Retinal Vessel Extraction Algorithm
* Automatic retinal vessel extraction algorithm based on contrast-sensitive schemes
* Boosting Sensitivity of a Retinal Vessel Segmentation Algorithm with Convolutional Neural Network
* Contrast normalization steps for increased sensitivity of a retinal image segmentation method
* Improved Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Using an Adaptive Contrast Enhancement Method and Deep Learning Network with Transfer Learning, An
* Retinal blood vessel extraction method based on basic filtering schemes
* Role of Image Contrast Enhancement Technique for Ophthalmologist as Diagnostic Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy
Includes: Soomro, T.A.[Toufique A.] Soomro, T.A. Soomro, T.A.[Toufique Ahmed]
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