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Som ard, J.[Jaturong] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Applications in Sugarcane Cultivation: A Review
* Spatial Interaction Effect of Population Density Patterns in Sub-Districts of Northeastern Thailand
Includes: Som ard, J.[Jaturong] Som-ard, J.[Jaturong]

Som, A. Co Author Listing * AMC-Loss: Angular Margin Contrastive Loss for Improved Explainability in Image Classification
* Perturbation Robust Representations of Topological Persistence Diagrams
* PI-Net: A Deep Learning Approach to Extract Topological Persistence Images
* Riemannian Geometric Approaches for Measuring Movement Quality
Includes: Som, A. Som, A.[Anirudh]

Som, T. Co Author Listing * Automated Vehicle License Plate Recognition System, An
* Using Radon Transform to Recognize Skewed Images of Vehicular License Plates
Includes: Som, T. Som, T.[Tanmoy]

Som, Z.A.M. Co Author Listing * Adjustment of Cadastral Network Using Least-squares Variance Component Estimation
* Gravity Anomaly Assessment Using GGMS and Airborne Gravity Data Towards Bathymetry Estimation
* Marine Geoid Undulation Assessment over South China Sea Using Global Geopotential Models and Airborne Gravity Data
* Unified Levelling Network of Sarawak and its Adjustment, The

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