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Soerge, U. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Lidar Height Offset in Coastal Vegetated Areas

Soergel, U. Co Author Listing * 4D change detection based on persistent scatterer interferometry
* Accuracy Assessment of Building Height Estimation from a High Resolution Optical Image Combined with a Simulated SAR Image
* Analysis of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data for an Accurate Classification of Urban Areas
* Approach for Filtering LIDAR Data in Coastal Vegetated Areas Using Intensity Information and Multiple Echoes, An
* Aspects of generating precise digital terrain models in the Wadden Sea from lidar-water classification and structure line extraction
* Assignment of Persistent Scatterers to Buildings
* Building recognition based on airborne and space borne InSAR data
* Building Recognition From Multi-Aspect High-Resolution InSAR Data in Urban Areas
* Building Reconstruction from InSAR Data by Detail Analysis Of Phase Profiles
* Change Detection Based on Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: Case Study of Monitoring an Urban Area
* Combining High-Resolution Optical and InSAR Features for Height Estimation of Buildings With Flat Roofs
* Conditional Random Fields For Lidar Point Cloud Classification In Complex Urban Areas
* Conditional Random Fields for Urban Scene Classification with Full Waveform LiDAR Data
* Contextual classification of lidar data and building object detection in urban areas
* Contextual Classification of Point Clouds Using a Two-Stage CRF
* Efficient Parallel Multi-Scale Segmentation Method for Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Evaluation of a Psi-based Change Detection Regarding Simulation, Comparison, and Application
* Extraction of Bridges over Water in Multi-Aspect High-Resolution InSAR Data
* Extraction of building polygons from SAR images: Grouping and decision-level in the GESTALT system
* Extraction of fluvial networks in lidar data using marked point processes
* Fusion of Optical and InSAR Features for Building Recognition in Urban Areas
* Graph Based Model for the Detection of Tidal Channels Using Marked Point Processes, A
* Grouping of Persistent Scatterers in high-resolution SAR data of urban scenes
* Grouping salient scatterers in InSAR data for recognition of industrial buildings
* Hierarchical Higher Order CRF for the Classification of Airborne Lidar Point Clouds In Urban Areas
* Higher Order Dynamic Conditional Random Fields Ensemble for Crop Type Classification in Radar Images
* Hyperspectral and LiDAR Fusion Using Deep Three-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks
* In-Strip Matching and Reconstruction of Line Segments from UHR Aerial Image Triplets
* Individual Tree Detection in Urban ALS Point Clouds with 3D Convolutional Networks
* Influence of temporal baseline on the vertical absolute accuracies of TSX HS interferometric DSMs: Case Study on Berlin
* InSAR Phase Profiles at Building Location
* Lidar waveform modeling using a marked point process
* Marked Point Process for Modeling Lidar Waveforms, A
* Matching of straight line segments from aerial stereo images of urban areas
* Matching Persistent Scatterers To Buildings
* Matching Persistent Scatterers to optical oblique images
* Monitoring and change detection of Wadden Sea areas using Lidar data
* Monitoring Concepts for Coastal Areas Using LIDAR Data
* Multi-temporal Classification for Crop Discrimination using TerraSAR-X Spotlight images
* Network Detection In Raster Data Using Marked Point Processes
* New Binary Encoding Algorithm for the Simultaneous Region-based Classification of Hyperspectral Data and Digital Surface Models, A
* New Straight Line Reconstruction Methodology From Multi-Spectral Stereo Aerial Images, A
* Nonlinear Feature Normalization for Hyperspectral Domain Adaptation and Mitigation of Nonlinear Effects
* Object-Based Semantic Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Ontology, An
* Opportunities of Airborne Laser Bathymetry for the Monitoring of the Sea Bed on the Baltic Sea Coast
* Perceptual grouping for automatic detection of man-made structures in high-resolution SAR data
* Potential and limits of InSAR data for building reconstruction in built-up areas
* Potential of Building Extraction from Multi-Aspect High-Resolution Amplitude SAR Data
* Radar Remote Sensing of Urban Areas
* Radargrammetric DSM Generation by Semi-Global Matching and Evaluation of Penalty Functions
* Rapid Disaster Analysis based on Remote Sensing: A Case Study about the Tohoku Tsunami Disaster 2011
* Rapid Disaster Analysis Based on SAR Techniques
* Rapidmap: rapid mapping and information dissemination for disasters using remote sensing and geoinformation
* Real-Time Orientation of a PYZ-Camera Based on Pedestrian Detection in Video Data of Wide and Complex Scenes
* Reconstruction of Buildings from Interferometric SAR Data of Built-Up Areas
* Remembering Both the Machine and the Crowd When Sampling Points: Active Learning for Semantic Segmentation of ALS Point Clouds
* Segmentation of LIDAR and InSAR Elevation Data for Building Reconstruction
* Stereo analysis of high-resolution SAR images for building height estimation in cases of orthogonal aspect directions
* stochastic approach for modelling airborne lidar waveforms, A
* TanDEM-X Mission: Overview and Evaluation of intermediate Results
* Theme issue High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information
* Theme Issue Innovative applications of SAR interferometry from modern satellite sensors
* Towards Urban Tree Recognition in Airborne Point Clouds with Deep 3d Single-shot Detectors
* Urban building detection from optical and InSAR features exploiting context
* Using Lattice Topology Information to Investigate Persistent Scatterers at Facades in Urban Areas
* Utilization of LIDAR DEM for SAR Image Analysis in Dense Urban Areas
* Validation of DEMS Derived from High Resolution SAR Data: A Case Study on Barcelona
* Workable Monitoring System Based On Spaceborne Sar Images for Mining Areas - Stings Development Project
Includes: Soergel, U. Soergel, U.[Uwe]
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