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Slade, E.M.[Eleanor M.] Co Author Listing * Drivers of Bornean Orangutan Distribution across a Multiple-Use Tropical Landscape

Sladen, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Deep Deconvolution for Traffic Analysis With Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data

Sladic, D.[Dubravka] Co Author Listing * Blockchain Solution for Securing Real Property Transactions: A Case Study for Serbia, A
* Building Change Detection Method to Support Register of Identified Changes on Buildings
* Building Virtual 3D City Model for Smart Cities Applications: A Case Study on Campus Area of the University of Novi Sad
* LADM Based Utility Network Cadastre in Serbia
* Towards 3D Cadastre in Serbia: Development of Serbian Cadastral Domain Model

Sladic, G.[Goran] Co Author Listing * Blockchain Solution for Securing Real Property Transactions: A Case Study for Serbia, A

Sladoje, N.[Natasa] Co Author Listing * Can Representation Learning for Multimodal Image Registration be Improved by Supervision of Intermediate Layers?
* characterization of digital disks by discrete moments, A
* Convolutional Neural Networks for False Positive Reduction of Automatically Detected Cilia in Low Magnification TEM Images
* Coverage segmentation based on linear unmixing and minimization of perimeter and boundary thickness
* De-noising of SRµCT Fiber Images by Total Variation Minimization
* Deep Learning Based Pipeline for Efficient Oral Cancer Screening on Whole Slide Images, A
* Defuzzification of discrete objects by optimizing area and perimeter similarity
* Defuzzification of spatial fuzzy sets by feature distance minimization
* Deterministic Defuzzification Based on Spectral Projected Gradient Optimization
* Distance Between Vector-Valued Fuzzy Sets Based on Intersection Decomposition with Applications in Object Detection
* Distance Between Vector-Valued Representations of Objects in Images with Application in Object Detection and Classification
* Distance Measures between Digital Fuzzy Objects and Their Applicability in Image Processing
* Efficiency of Characterizing Ellipses and Ellipsoids by Discrete Moments
* Enhancement of Cilia Sub-structures by Multiple Instance Registration and Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* Estimation of Feret's diameter from pixel coverage representation of a shape
* Estimation of linear deformations of 2D and 3D fuzzy objects
* Estimation of linear deformations of 3D objects
* Estimation of Moments of Digitized Objects with Fuzzy Borders
* Evaluation of Potential Functions for Regularized Image Deblurring, An
* Exact Linear Time Euclidean Distance Transforms of Grid Line Sampled Shapes
* Fast and Robust Symmetric Image Registration Based on Distances Combining Intensity and Spatial Information
* Fast computation of mutual information in the frequency domain with applications to global multimodal image alignment
* Feature Based Defuzzification at Increased Spatial Resolution
* Generalised deep learning framework for HEp-2 cell recognition using local binary pattern maps
* High-Precision Boundary Length Estimation by Utilizing Gray-Level Information
* Improved Quantification of Bone Remodelling by Utilizing Fuzzy Based Segmentation
* Linear Time Distances Between Fuzzy Sets With Applications to Pattern Matching and Classification
* Measurements of digitized objects with fuzzy borders in 2D and 3D
* Measuring Perimeter and Area in Low Resolution Images Using a Fuzzy Approach
* Microscopy Image Enhancement for Cost-Effective Cervical Cancer Screening
* On the Effectiveness of Generative Adversarial Networks as HEp-2 Image Augmentation Tool
* Optimizing Optics and Imaging for Pattern Recognition Based Screening Tasks
* Pixel Coverage Segmentation for Improved Feature Estimation
* Precise Euclidean distance transforms in 3D from voxel coverage representation
* Recovering Affine Deformations of Fuzzy Shapes
* Shape signatures of fuzzy star-shaped sets based on distance from the centroid
* Signature of a Shape Based on Its Pixel Coverage Representation
* Single image super-resolution reconstruction in presence of mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise
* Stochastic Distance Transform
* Stochastic Distance Transform: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
* Towards Automated Multiscale Imaging and Analysis in TEM: Glomerulus Detection by Fusion of CNN and LBP Maps
Includes: Sladoje, N.[Natasa] Sladoje, N.[Nataša] Sladoje, N. Sladoje, N.[Nataa]
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Sladojevic, S.[Srdan] Co Author Listing * Achieving High Reliability in Data Acquisition
* Domain-Specific Language for Land Administration System Transactions
* Video Quality Assessment for Mobile Devices on Mobile Devices
Includes: Sladojevic, S.[Srdan] Sladojevic, S.[Srdjan]

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