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Seise, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Double Contour Active Shape Models
* Learning Active Shape Models for Bifurcating Contours
* Parts-based segmentation with overlapping part models using Markov chain Monte Carlo
* Segmenting Multiple Objects with Overlapping Appearance and Uncertainty

Seisen, S. Co Author Listing * Bilevel Information Recognition and Coding in Office Paper Documents

Seiskari, O.[Otto] Co Author Listing * HybVIO: Pushing the Limits of Real-time Visual-inertial Odometry

Seisler, A.R. Co Author Listing * Visualization Tool to convey Quantitative in vivo, 3D Knee Joint Kinematics, A

Seisler, W. Co Author Listing * Rapid Development of a Gunfire Detection Algorithm Using an Imagery Database
* System capabilities, requirements and design of the GDL gunfire detection and location system

Seissiger, S.[Sylvia] Co Author Listing * Important Variables of a RapidEye Time Series for Modelling Biophysical Parameters of Winter Wheat
* Modelling Biophysical Parameters of Maize Using Landsat 8 Time Series

Seissler, W. Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3-D-reconstruction algorithm for C-arm systems suitable for interventional procedures

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