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Sagha, H. Co Author Listing * MixedEmotions: An Open-Source Toolbox for Multimodal Emotion Analysis
* On-line anomaly detection and resilience in classifier ensembles
* Opportunity challenge: A benchmark database for on-body sensor-based activity recognition, The
Includes: Sagha, H. Sagha, H.[Hesam]

Saghafi, B.[Behrouz] Co Author Listing * Human action recognition using Pose-based discriminant embedding
* Towards privacy-preserving activity recognition using extremely low temporal and spatial resolution cameras
* Towards privacy-preserving recognition of human activities

Saghafi, M.A. Co Author Listing * Review of person re-identification techniques

Saghafian, B.[Bahram] Co Author Listing * Assessment of GPM-IMERG and Other Precipitation Products against Gauge Data under Different Topographic and Climatic Conditions in Iran: Preliminary Results
* Assessment of Precipitation Estimation from the NWP Models and Satellite Products for the Spring 2019 Severe Floods in Iran

Saghaian Nejad Esfahani, S.M.[Sayed M.] Co Author Listing * Privacy protected image denoising with secret shares

Saghapour, E. Co Author Listing * Retinal vessel segmentation using system fuzzy and DBSCAN algorithm

Sagheb, E.[Elham] Co Author Listing * Deeptkaclassifier: Brand Classification of Total Knee Arthroplasty Implants Using Explainable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Sagheer, A.[Alaa] Co Author Listing * Difference-Based Local Gradient Patterns for Image Representation
* Dominant LBP Considering Pattern Type for Facial Image Representation
* Fast Feature Extraction Approach for Multi-Dimension Feature Space Problems

Sagheer, M.W.[Malik Waqas] Co Author Listing * Digit/Symbol Pruning and Verification for Arabic Handwritten Digit/Symbol Spotting
* Holistic Urdu Handwritten Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine
* New Large Urdu Database for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition, A
* Novel Handwritten Urdu Word Spotting Based on Connected Components Analysis, A

Saghi, J.[Javad] Co Author Listing * novel comprehensive database for offline Persian handwriting recognition, A

Saghir, Z. Co Author Listing * Classification of Volumetric Images Using Multi-Instance Learning and Extreme Value Theorem
* Deep Multi-instance Volumetric Image Classification with Extreme Value Distributions

Saghri, J.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transform Coding Based on Chain Coding Concepts
* Analysis of the Precision of Generalized Chain Codes for the Representation of Planar Curves
* Comparative Analysis of Line-Drawing Modeling Schemes

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