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Rziza, M. Co Author Listing * Accurate dense stereo matching for road scenes
* adapted Lucas-Kanade's method for optical flow estimation in catadioptric images, An
* Anisotropic Discrete Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform for Improved Classification of Trabecular Bone
* Driver head pose estimation using efficient descriptor fusion
* Driver's Fatigue and Drowsiness Detection to Reduce Traffic Accidents on Road
* Efficient Pedestrian Detector Based on Saliency and HOG Features Modeling, An
* Estimating driver head pose using steerable pyramid and probabilistic learning
* Fingerprint shell: Secure representation of fingerprint template
* hierarchical stereo matching algorithm based on adaptive support region aggregation method, A
* hybrid mobile object tracker based on the modified Cuckoo Search algorithm and the Kalman Filter, A
* Improving Pedestrian Detection Using Support Vector Regression
* New Method for Fall Detection of Elderly Based on Human Shape and Motion Variation, A
* New Texture Descriptor: The Homogeneous Local Binary Pattern (HLBP), A
* Novel face recognition approach based on steerable pyramid feature extraction
* Optical flow estimation from multichannel spherical image decomposition
* Optical Flow Estimation on Omnidirectional Images: An Adapted Phase Based Method
* phase-based framework for optical flow estimation on omnidirectional images, A
* Sift Descriptors Modeling and Application in Texture Image Classification
* skin detection algorithm based on discrete Cosine transform and generalized Gaussian density, A
* Spiral Cube for Biometric Template Protection
* Study of the relative magnitude in the wavelet domain for texture characterization
* SVM-Based Face Recognition Using Genetic Search for Frequency-Feature Subset Selection
* Texture Analysis for Trabecular Bone X-Ray Images Using Anisotropic Morlet Wavelet and Rényi Entropy
Includes: Rziza, M. Rziza, M.[Mohammed]
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