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Pycock, D. Co Author Listing * Active shape from stereo for highway inspection
* Frame-Based System for Modelling and Executing Visual Tasks, A
* Iconic Modelling for the Progressive Transmission of Neurological Images: Segmentation
* MMA-based region localisation for iconic image representation and transmission
* Motion Correspondence Using a Neural Network
* Multiresolution Active Contour Models in Textured Stereo Images
* Multiscale medial axis through a complete set of optimal scale ridges
* Multiscale Medial Response of Grey-level Images, The
* Robust Model-Based Boundary Cue Generation for Cell Image Interpretation
* Robust model-based signal analysis and identification
* Robust Statistical Model-Based Cell Image Interpretation
* Robust Statistical-Models for Cell Image Interpretation
* Scale-Space Medialness Transform Based on Boundary Concordance Voting, A
* Sub-Pixel Nonparametric PSF Estimation for Image-Enhancement
Includes: Pycock, D. Pycock, D.[David]
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