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Puech, C. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution 3-D Flood Information From Radar Imagery for Flood Hazard Management

Puech, F.[Fannie] Co Author Listing * Learning from weakly labeled faces and video in the wild

Puech, O. Co Author Listing * Critical Appraisal of the Box Counting Method to Assess the Fractal Dimension of Tree Crowns, A

Puech, W. Co Author Listing * 3D facial visualization through adaptive spread spectrum synchronous scalable (A4S) data hiding
* 3D non-rigid pattern recognition based on structural analysis
* 3D Visual Security (3DVS) score to measure the visual security level of selectively encrypted 3D objects, A
* Analysis of the robustness of wavelet-based perceptual signatures
* Automatic Active Contours Propagation In A Sequence Of Medical Images
* Centrality bias measure for high density QR code module recognition
* CFB-Then-ECB Mode-Based Image Encryption for an Efficient Correction of Noisy Encrypted Images
* Considering the reconstruction loop for data hiding of intra- and inter-frames of H.264/AVC
* Copy Sensitive Graphical Code Quality Improvement Using a Super-Resolution Technique
* Correction of Secret Images Reconstructed from Noised Shared Images
* Cryptanalysis aspects in 3-D watermarking
* Cylindrical Surface Localization in Monocular Vision
* DCT-Based Data Hiding for Securing ROI of Color Images
* Decryption of noisy encrypted images by statistical analysis
* Denoising and error correction in noisy AES-encrypted images using statistical measures
* Draco-Based Selective Crypto-Compression Method of 3D objects
* efficient adaptive arithmetic coding for block-based lossless image compression using mixture models, An
* Emerging cryptographic challenges in image and video processing
* Fast Protection of H.264/AVC by Selective Encryption of CAVLC and CABAC for I and P Frames
* Format Compliant Encryption Method for 3D Objects Allowing Hierarchical Decryption, A
* Format-Compliant Selective Secret 3-D Object Sharing Scheme
* Global three-dimensional-mesh indexing based on structural analysis and geometrical signatures
* Grey-Level Image Embedding its Color Palette, A
* H.264/AVC video watermarking for active fingerprinting based on Tardos code
* High-capacity data hiding in encrypted images using MSB prediction
* Highcapacity data-hiding for 3D meshes based on static arithmetic coding
* Homomorphic Method for Sharing Secret Images, A
* Homomorphic Two Tier Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted 3D Objects
* Image Analysis and Processing in the Encrypted Domain
* Image Encryption and Compression for Medical Image Security
* Image Sharpening by DWT-Based Hysteresis
* Improving the module recognition rate of high density QR codes (Version 40) by using centrality bias
* Joint Secret Image Sharing and Jpeg Compression Scheme, A
* Kinematic Reeb Graph Extraction Based on Heat Diffusion
* Localization and Correction of Corrupted Pixel Blocks in Noisy Encrypted Images
* Lossless 3D steganography based on MST and connectivity modification
* Lossless chaos-based crypto-compression scheme for image protection
* Mosaicing of flattened images from straight homogeneous generalized cylinders
* Mosaicing of Paintings on Curved Surfaces
* New Curved Surface Localization Method Using a Single Perspective View, A
* new fast reversible method for image safe transfer, A
* No-reference quality metric for watermarked images based on combining of objective metrics using neural network
* Phylogeny of JPEG images by ancestor estimation using missing markers on image pairs
* Privacy Protection for Social Media Based on A Hierarchical Secret Image Sharing Scheme
* Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals
* Projection distortion analysis for flattened image mosaicing from straight uniform generalized cylinders
* Protection of JPEG compressed e-comics by selective encryption
* Recompression of JPEG Crypto-Compressed Images Without a Key
* Recursive Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Method With a Very High Payload, A
* Reduced selective encryption of intra and inter frames of H.264/AVC using psychovisual metrics
* Rethinking the high capacity 3D steganography: Increasing its resistance to steganalysis
* Reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on adaptive local entropy analysis
* Rich QR Code for Multimedia Management Applications
* robust and secure perceptual hashing system based on a quantization step analysis, A
* Scalable 3-D Terrain Visualization Through Reversible JPEG2000-Based Blind Data Hiding
* Secret JPEG Image Sharing Method Over GF(2M) Galois Fields, A
* Segmentation-based compression scheme for 3D animated models
* Selective and scalable encryption of enhancement layers for dyadic scalable H.264/AVC by scrambling of scan patterns
* Selective Encryption of Human Skin in JPEG Images
* Simultaneous Watermarking and Draco 3D Object Compression Method
* Special issue on Medical Image Communication, Computing and Security
* Spread spectrum-based watermarking for Tardos code-based fingerprinting for H.264/AVC video
* Statistical analysis of the quantization stage of robust perceptual image hashing
* survey of reversible data hiding in encrypted images: The first 12 years, A
* Synchronization of texture and depth map by data hiding for 3D H.264 video
* Toward a Novel LSB-based Collusion-Secure Fingerprinting Schema for 3D Video
* Variational approximation of a constraint signal by a Mumford-Shah type energy functional
* Visual Protection of HEVC Video by Selective Encryption of CABAC Binstrings
* Visual saliency-based confidentiality metric for selective crypto-compressed JPEG images
Includes: Puech, W. Puech, W.[William]
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Puechmorel, S. Co Author Listing * Toward Air Traffic Complexity Assessment in New Generation Air Traffic Management Systems

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