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Pisu, C. Co Author Listing * Cloud GIS and 3D Modelling to Enhance Sardinian Late Gothic Architectural Heritage
* Photo-Modeling and Cloud Computing. Applications in the Survey of Late Gothic Architectural Elements

Pisu, P.[Pierluigi] Co Author Listing * Closed-loop hierarchical control strategies for connected and autonomous hybrid electric vehicles with random errors
* Detection of False Data Injection Attack in Connected and Automated Vehicles via Cloud-Based Sandboxing
* False Data Injection Attack in a Platoon of CACC: Real-Time Detection and Isolation With a PDE Approach
* Global optimal energy management control strategies for connected four-wheel-drive hybrid electric vehicles
* Hybrid Controller for DOS-Resilient String-Stable Vehicle Platoons, A
* Minimum sensor second-order sliding mode longitudinal control of passenger vehicles
* Real-Time Detection and Estimation of Denial of Service Attack in Connected Vehicle Systems
Includes: Pisu, P.[Pierluigi] Pisu, P.
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Pisula, C.J.[Charles J.] Co Author Listing * Conformal Deskewing of Non-Planar Documents

Pisupati, C.V. Co Author Listing * Central Axis Algorithm for 3D Bronchial Tree Structures, A
* Corresponding 3D Pulmonary Tree Structures
* Geometric Analysis of Volume Images of the Bronchial and Vascular Trees

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