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Penz, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Classification of coins using an eigenspace approach
* Demosaicing algorithms for area- and line-scan cameras in print inspection
* Print Process Separation Using Interest Regions
* Region based matching for print process identification

Penze, R.S.[Rivael Strobel] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Environmental Influences on a Multi-Point Optical Fiber Methane Leak Monitoring System

Penzel, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Behavior of Cauliflower Harvest-Readiness Models by Investigating Feature Relevances
* Conditional dependence tests reveal the usage of ABCD rule features and bias variables in automatic skin lesion classification
* Investigating Neural Network Training on a Feature Level Using Conditional Independence

Penzin, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * ERA5 Reanalysis for the Data Interpretation on Polarization Laser Sensing of High-Level Clouds

Penzotti, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Proximal Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy: An Effective Tool to Discern Rain from Irrigation

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