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Pedagadi, S.[Sateesh] Co Author Listing * Integral Line Scan Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Pedestrian Re-identification

Pedanekar, N.[Niranjan] Co Author Listing * Color Me Good: Branding in the Coloring Style of Movie Posters
* Plots to Previews: Towards Automatic Movie Preview Retrieval using Publicly Available Meta-data
* Predicting Sentiments in Image Advertisements using Semantic Relations among Sentiment Labels
Includes: Pedanekar, N.[Niranjan] Pedanekar, N.

Pedapudi, V.S.V.K. Co Author Listing * Graph Based Unsupervised Feature Aggregation for Face Recognition, A

Pedarsani, R.[Ramtin] Co Author Listing * Social Coordination and Altruism in Autonomous Driving

Pedasingu, B.S.[Bala Suraj] Co Author Listing * Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The

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