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O'Donnell, J. Co Author Listing * equator MAP-CA(TM)DSP: An end-to-end broadband signal processor(TM) VLIW, The
* Single-chip processor for media applications: the MAP1000TM
Includes: O'Donnell, J. O'Donnell, J.[John]

O'Donnell, J.P.R.[John P. R.] Co Author Listing * Examination of Abiotic Drivers and Their Influence on Spartina alterniflora Biomass over a Twenty-Eight Year Period Using Landsat 5 TM Satellite Imagery of the Central Georgia Coast

O'Donnell, L.[Lauren] Co Author Listing * DSNet: A Dual-Stream Framework for Weakly-Supervised Gigapixel Pathology Image Analysis
* integrated visualization system for surgical planning and guidance using image fusion and an open MR, An
* PDAM: A Panoptic-Level Feature Alignment Framework for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Instance Segmentation in Microscopy Images
* Two-tensor streamline tractography through white matter intra-voxel fiber crossings: Assessed by fMRI
* Unsupervised Instance Segmentation in Microscopy Images via Panoptic Domain Adaptation and Task Re-Weighting
Includes: O'Donnell, L.[Lauren] O'Donnell, L.

O'Donnell, L.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Tractography Segmentation Using a High-Dimensional White Matter Atlas
* Deep Diffusion MRI Registration (DDMReg): A Deep Learning Method for Diffusion MRI Registration
* Locally-Transferred Fisher Vectors for Texture Classification
Includes: O'Donnell, L.J. O'Donnell, L.J.[Lauren J.]

O'Donnell, M. Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning Image Reconstruction for Real-Time Photoacoustic System
* Detailed Evaluation of Five 3D Speckle Tracking Algorithms Using Synthetic Echocardiographic Recordings
* Learning-Based Regularization for Cardiac Strain Analysis via Domain Adaptation
* Radial Basis Functions for Combining Shape and Speckle Tracking in 4D Echocardiography
* Sparsity and Biomechanics Inspired Integration of Shape and Speckle Tracking for Cardiac Deformation Analysis
Includes: O'Donnell, M. O'Donnell, M.[Matthew]

O'Donnell, P.A. Co Author Listing * Active Visual Attention System to Play Where's Waldo, An
* HANDEY: A Robot Task Planner
* Task-Level Planning of Pick-and-Place Robot Motions

O'Donnell, R. Co Author Listing * Hybrid System For 2-Dimensional Image Recognition: Prolog, A

O'Donnell, T. Co Author Listing * 3-D Cardiac Volume Analysis Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Comprehensive Cardiovascular Image Analysis Using MR and CT at Siemens Corporate Research
* Cooperative Framework for Segmentation Using 2D Active Contours and 3D Hybrid Models as Applied to Branching Cylindrical Structures, A
* Extruded Generalized Cylinder: A Deformable Model for Object Recovery, The
* Fast and Robust Graph-Based Approach for Boundary Estimation of Fiber Bundles Relying on Fractional Anisotropy Maps, A
* Global Models with Parametric Offsets as Applied to Cardiac Motion Recovery
* Global models with parametric offsets for object recovery
* Multi-modality model-based registration in the cardiac domain
* periodic generalized cylinder model with local deformations for tracking closed contours exhibiting repeating motion, A
* Physics in a Fantasy World vs. Robust Statistical Estimation
* Reinterpreting Physically-Motivated Modeling
Includes: O'Donnell, T. O'Donnell, T.[Thomas] O'Donnell, T.[Tom]
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O'Donoghue, B. Co Author Listing * Fast Alternating Direction Optimization Methods

O'Donoghue, C. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Geographic Representativity of Farm Accountancy Data

O'Donohue, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Combined thermal-LIDAR imagery for urban mapping

O'Donovan, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Microphone Arrays as Generalized Cameras for Integrated Audio Visual Processing

O'Donovan, P. Co Author Listing * TV's vanishing act: radical new display and content-delivery technologies will doom the television set., The

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