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Neel, A.[Abbye] Co Author Listing * When Small Is Not Beautiful: The Unexpected Impacts of Trees and Parcel Size on Metered Water-Use in a Semi-Arid City

Neel, J.P.S.[James P. S.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Evapotranspiration Products of Different Temporal and Spatial Scales in Native and Managed Prairie Pastures
* Dormant Season Vegetation Phenology and Eddy Fluxes in Native Tallgrass Prairies of the U.S. Southern Plains
* Response of Tallgrass Prairie to Management in the U.S. Southern Great Plains: Site Descriptions, Management Practices, and Eddy Covariance Instrumentation for a Long-Term Experiment

Neelakandan, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent deep learning based ethnicity recognition and classification using facial images

Neelam, M. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Surface Roughness for Improved Soil Moisture Estimation
* On the Radiative Transfer Model for Soil Moisture across Space, Time and Hydro-Climates
Includes: Neelam, M. Neelam, M.[Maheshwari]

Neelamani, R.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive representation of JPEG 2000 images using header-based processing
* Compression Color Space Estimation of JPEG Images Using Lattice Basis Reduction
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
* Model-based Inverse Halftoning with Wavelet-vaguelette Deconvolution
* Texas Two-Step: A Framework for Optimal Multi-Input Single-Output Deconvolution
* Wavelet-Domain Regularized Deconvolution for Ill-Conditioned Systems
Includes: Neelamani, R.N. Neelamani, R.N.[Ramesh N.]

Neelamegam, P. Co Author Listing * Quality Inspection of Parenteral Vials Using Digital Image Analysis

Neelappa, A. Co Author Listing * Devanagari Text Recognition: A Transcription Based Formulation

Neelavalli, V. Co Author Listing * Structuralizing educational videos based on presentation content

Neelima, A.[Arambam] Co Author Listing * new multi-secret image sharing scheme based on DCT, A
* overview of approaches for content-based medical image retrieval, An
* review on robust video copy detection, A
* survey paper on secret image sharing schemes, A

Neelin, J.D.[J. David] Co Author Listing * Benefits of a Closely-Spaced Satellite Constellation of Atmospheric Polarimetric Radio Occultation Measurements

Neelmeijer, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Estimating Spatial and Temporal Variability in Surface Kinematics of the Inylchek Glacier, Central Asia, using TerraSAR-X Data
* Ground Deformations around the Toktogul Reservoir, Kyrgyzstan, from Envisat ASAR and Sentinel-1 Data: A Case Study about the Impact of Atmospheric Corrections on InSAR Time Series
* High-resolution digital elevation models from single-pass TanDEM-X interferometry over mountainous regions: A case study of Inylchek Glacier, Central Asia
* Intercomparison and Validation of SAR-Based Ice Velocity Measurement Techniques within the Greenland Ice Sheet CCI Project

Neely, C.[Clark] Co Author Listing * Detection of Italian Ryegrass in Wheat and Prediction of Competitive Interactions Using Remote-Sensing and Machine-Learning Techniques

Neely, J.G.H.[John G.H.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for detecting and quantifying motion of a body part

Neely, M.B.[Merrie Beth] Co Author Listing * Integrating Inland and Coastal Water Quality Data for Actionable Knowledge
Includes: Neely, M.B.[Merrie Beth] Neely, M.B.[Merrie-Beth]

Neely, R.R.[Ryan R.] Co Author Listing * Simulation of the Radar Cross Section of a Noctuid Moth

Neely, W.R.[Wesley R.] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Spatially Heterogeneous GNSS and InSAR Deformation Data Using a Multiresolution Segmentation Algorithm and Its Application in the Inversion of Slip Distribution
* GInSAR: A cGPS Correction for Enhanced InSAR Time Series
Includes: Neely, W.R.[Wesley R.] Neely, W.R.

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