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Kutuk, Z.[Zulfiye] Co Author Listing * Semantic Segmentation for Thermal Images: A Comparative Survey
Includes: Kutuk, Z.[Zulfiye] Kütük, Z.[Zülfiye] (Maybe also Kuetuek, Z.)

Kutulakos, K.[Kyros] Co Author Listing * Defocus deblurring and superresolution for time-of-flight depth cameras
* Frequency Analysis of Transient Light Transport with Applications in Bare Sensor Imaging

Kutulakos, K.N.[Kiriakos N.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kutulakos, K.N.[Kiriakos N.]: kyros AT cs toronto edu
* 3D Shape and Indirect Appearance by Structured Light Transport
* Affine Object Representations for Calibration-Free Augmented Reality
* Affine Surface Reconstruction by Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Altering Reality through Interactive Image and Video Manipulation
* Approximate N-View Stereo
* Auto-Tuning Structured Light by Optical Stochastic Gradient Descent
* Building Global Object Models by Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Calibration Free Augmented Reality
* Coded Two-Bucket Cameras for Computer Vision
* Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid
* Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid
* Confocal Stereo
* Depth from Defocus in the Wild
* Discrete Search Photometric Stereo for Fast and Accurate Shape Estimation
* Dynamic Refraction Stereo
* Exploring Objects by Invariant-Based Tangential Viewpoint Control
* Exploring Three-Dimensional Objects by Controlling the Point of Observation
* Focal Stack Photography: High-Performance Photography with a Conventional Camera
* Geometry of First-Returning Photons for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging, The
* Global Surface Reconstruction by Purposive Control of Observer Motion
* Guest Editorial, Medical Special Issue
* High Resolution Photography with an RGB-Infrared Camera
* Image Understanding Research at Rochester
* Layer-Based Restoration Framework for Variable-Aperture Photography, A
* Light Transport Analysis for 3D Photography
* Light-Efficient Photography
* Linear sequence-to-sequence alignment
* Linear Sequence-to-Sequence Alignment
* Multi-View 3D Shape and Motion Recovery on the Spatio-Temporal Curve Manifold
* Multi-View Scene Capture by Surfel Sampling
* Multi-View Scene Capture by Surfel Sampling: From Video Streams to Non-Rigid 3D Motion, Shape and Reflectance
* Neural Rendering Framework for Free-Viewpoint Relighting, A
* Non-Euclidean Object Representations for Calibration-Free Video Overlay
* Non-rigid structure from locally-rigid motion
* Object Exploration by Purposive, Dynamic Viewpoint Adjustment
* Occluding Contour Detection Using Affine Invariants and Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Optimal Structured Light a la Carte
* Photo-consistent 3d fire by flame-sheet decomposition
* Photo-Consistent Reconstruction of Semitransparent Scenes by Density-Sheet Decomposition
* Photometric Stereo via Discrete Hypothesis-and-Test Search
* Plenoptic Image Editing
* Probabilistic Theory of Occupancy and Emptiness, A
* Provable Strategies for Vision-Guided Exploration in Three Dimensions
* Reconstructing the Surface of Inhomogeneous Transparent Scenes by Scatter-Trace Photography
* Recovering Shape by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Refractive and Specular 3D Shape by Light-Path Reconstruction
* Semidefinite Programming Heuristics for Surface Reconstruction Ambiguities
* Shape and Motion of 3-D Curves from Multi-View Image Scenes
* Shape from Planar Curves: A Linear Escape from Flatland
* Shape from the Light Field Boundary
* Theory of Fermat Paths for Non-Line-Of-Sight Shape Reconstruction, A
* Theory of Inverse Light Transport, A
* Theory of Refractive and Specular 3D Shape by Light-Path Triangulation, A
* Theory of Shape by Space Carving, A
* Time-constrained Photography
* Toward Global Surface Reconstruction by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Toward Recovering Shape and Motion of 3D Curves from Multi-View Image Sequences
* TurboPixels: Fast Superpixels Using Geometric Flows
* Utilizing Optical Aberrations for Extended-Depth-of-Field Panoramas
* Vision-Guided Exploration: A Step toward General Motion Planning in Three Dimensions
* What do N photographs tell us about 3D shape?
Includes: Kutulakos, K.N.[Kiriakos N.] Kutulakos, K.N.
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Kutuza, B.G.[Boris G.] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Brightness Temperature Fluctuations in the Resonance Absorption Band of Water Vapor 18-27.2 GHz
* Ionospheric Inhomogeneities and Their Influences on the Earth's Remote Sensing from Space

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