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Kone, I.[Ismael] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical ResNeXt Models for Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification
* Hybrid forests for left ventricle segmentation using only the first slice label
Includes: Kone, I.[Ismael] Koné, I.[Ismaël] Koné, I.

Koneceny, M.[Matej] Co Author Listing * Progress in the AMIDA Speaker Diarization System for Meeting Data
Includes: Koneceny, M.[Matej] Konecený, M.[Matej]

Konecny, C. Co Author Listing * Correlation Techniques and Devices

Konecny, G. Co Author Listing * Mapping from Digital Satellite Image Data with Special Reference to MOMS-02
* Status Of Topographic Mapping In The World A Unggim-ISPRS Project 2012-2015, The

Konecny, M.[Milan] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Urban Multiple-Modal Transport Evacuation Model for Mass Gathering Events Considering Pedestrian and Public Transit System
* Three-dimensional Maps For Disaster Management
Includes: Konecny, M.[Milan] Konecny, M.

Konecny, O.[Ondrej] Co Author Listing * Determining Peak Altitude on Maps, Books and Cartographic Materials: Multidisciplinary Implications
Includes: Konecny, O.[Ondrej] Konecný, O.[Ondrej]

Konen, E.[Eli] Co Author Listing * Complementary Phase Encoding for Pair-wise Neural Deblurring of Accelerated Brain MRI
* Neural Registration and Segmentation of White Matter Tracts in Multi-modal Brain MRI
* Neural Segmentation of Seeding ROIs (sROIs) for Pre-Surgical Brain Tractography
* X-ray Categorization and Retrieval on the Organ and Pathology Level, Using Patch-Based Visual Words
Includes: Konen, E.[Eli] Konen, E.

Konen, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Predicting Soil Properties from Hyperspectral Satellite Images

Konen, W. Co Author Listing * Distortion Invariant Object Recognition in the Dynamic Link Architecture

Koneputugodage, C.H.[Chamin Hewa] Co Author Listing * DiGS: Divergence guided shape implicit neural representation for unoriented point clouds
* Octree Guided Unoriented Surface Reconstruction

Koner, P.K. Co Author Listing * Daytime Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval Incorporating Mid-Wave Imager Measurements: Algorithm Development and Validation
* Deterministic Method for Profile Retrievals From Hyperspectral Satellite Measurements, A
* Improved Quality of MODIS Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval and Data Coverage Using Physical Deterministic Methods
* Maximizing the Information Content of Ill-Posed Space-Based Measurements Using Deterministic Inverse Method
* Physical Deterministic Inverse Method for Operational Satellite Remote Sensing: An Application for Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals, A
* Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval from MODIS Radiances Using Truncated Total Least Squares with Multiple Channels and Parameters
Includes: Koner, P.K. Koner, P.K.[Prabhat K.]

Koner, R.[Rajat] Co Author Listing * Do DALL-E and Flamingo Understand Each Other?
* Improving Visual Relation Detection using Depth Maps
* Relationformer: A Unified Framework for Image-to-Graph Generation

Koneripalli, K. Co Author Listing * Diag2graph: Representing Deep Learning Diagrams In Research Papers As Knowledge Graphs
* TIJO: Trigger Inversion with Joint Optimization for Defending Multimodal Backdoored Models
Includes: Koneripalli, K. Koneripalli, K.[Kaushik]

Konermann Kruger, B.[Barbel] Co Author Listing * In Memorium: Gunter Menz
Includes: Konermann Kruger, B.[Barbel] Konermann-Krüger, B.[Bärbel] (Maybe also Konermann-Krueger, B.)

Koneru, U.[Ujwal] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Logic Based Sensor Fusion for Accurate Tracking

Koneti, S.[Sunitha] Co Author Listing * Hydrological Modeling with Respect to Impact of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change on the Runoff Dynamics in Godavari River Basin Using the HEC-HMS Model

Konev, A.[Artem] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Traffic Sign Recognition Methods Trained on Synthetically Generated Data

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