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Koizumi, H. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement of Change Detection Based on Color Analysis
* Forest Resource Management System By Standing Tree Volume Estimation Using Aerial Stereo Photos
* Method and apparatus for reducing image noises
Includes: Koizumi, H. Koizumi, H.[Hideaki]

Koizumi, M. Co Author Listing * Application Of Mobile Lidar Mapping For Damage Survey After Great East Japan Earthquake
* Qualitative and Quantitative Matching of Solid Models and Images of 3D Objects
* Step Toward Generic Object Recognition, A

Koizumi, S.[Sota] Co Author Listing * Font Distribution Observation by Network-Based Analysis

Koizumi, T. Co Author Listing * Development of A Wind Observation System Using Photogrammetry
* Look Ma, No Landmarks!: Unsupervised, Model-based Dense Face Alignment
* Study On Improvement Of Accuracy In Inertial Photogrammetry By Combining Images With Inertial Measurement Unit
Includes: Koizumi, T. Koizumi, T.[Tatsuro] Koizumi, T.[Toshio]

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