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Koc San, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Relationship Between Urban Heat Island Effect And Land Use/cover Type Using Landsat 7 Etm+ And Landsat 8 Oli Images
* Evaluation of the Consistency of Simultaneously Acquired Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Imagery on Plastic Covered Greenhouses
* Investigation of the Changes of Lake Surface Temperatures and Areas: Case Study of Burdur and Egirdir Lakes, Turkey
* Object-based Greenhouse Classification From High Resolution Satellite Imagery: A Case Study Antalya-turkey
* Plastic And Glass Greenhouses Detection And Delineation From Worldview-2 Satellite Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Land Use Change Analysis and Future Urban Growth Simulation Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Antalya
* Use of Land Cover Indices for Rapid Surface Urban Heat Island Detection from Multi-Temporal Landsat Imageries, The
Includes: Koc San, D. Koc-San, D. Koc-San, D.[Dilek]
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Koc, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Feature Channels for Correlation-Filter-Based Visual Object Tracking in Infrared Spectrum
* Fine-grained recognition of maritime vessels and land vehicles by deep feature embedding
* Fractional Fourier Transform in Time Series Prediction
* Fractional Fourier Transform Meets Transformer Encoder
* Graph Signal Processing: Vertex Multiplication
* MARVEL: A Large-Scale Image Dataset for Maritime Vessels
* Multivariate Time Series Imputation With Transformers
* Object classification in infrared images using deep representations
* Operator theory-based discrete fractional Fourier transform
* Quadruplet Selection Methods for Deep Embedding Learning
* Radiometric Correction of Multispectral UAS Images: Evaluating the Accuracy of the Parrot Sequoia Camera and Sunshine Sensor
* Statistically Segregated k-Space Sampling for Accelerating Multiple-Acquisition MRI
Includes: Koc, A. Koç, A.[Aykut] Koç, A. Koc, A.[Alexander]
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Koc, A.M.[Ali Murat] Co Author Listing * DeepChestNet: Artificial intelligence approach for COVID-19 detection on computed tomography images
Includes: Koc, A.M.[Ali Murat] Koç, A.M.[Ali Murat]

Koc, C.[Canan] Co Author Listing * Breast lesion classification using features fusion and selection of ensemble ResNet method
* Continuous Visual World Modeling for Autonomous Robot Manipulation
Includes: Koc, C.[Canan] Koç, C.[Canan] Koc, C.[Cagatay]

Koc, E.[Emirhan] Co Author Listing * Fractional Fourier Transform in Time Series Prediction
* Light Source Estimation in Mobile Augmented Reality Scenes by Using Human Face Geometry
* Multivariate Time Series Imputation With Transformers
Includes: Koc, E.[Emirhan] Koç, E.[Emirhan] Koc, E.[Emre]

Koc, E.M.[Esra Meltem] Co Author Listing * DeepChestNet: Artificial intelligence approach for COVID-19 detection on computed tomography images
Includes: Koc, E.M.[Esra Meltem] Koç, E.M.[Esra Meltem]

Koc, I.M.[Ibrahim Mert] Co Author Listing * Photorealism in Driving Simulations: Blending Generative Adversarial Image Synthesis With Rendering

Koc, M. Co Author Listing * Local Primitive Pattern for the Classification of SAR Images
* Some variants of spiral LBP in texture recognition
* Use of gradient and normal vectors for face recognition
Includes: Koc, M. Koc, M.[Mehmet]

Koc, O. Co Author Listing * Land Use/land Cover Change Detection Using Multi-temporal Satellite Dataset: A Case Study in Istanbul New Airport
Includes: Koc, O. Koç, Ö.

Koc, S. Co Author Listing * Lifting-based wavelet domain adaptive Wiener filter for image enhancement

Koc, U.V.[Ut Va] Co Author Listing * Adaptive overlapping approach for DCT-based motion estimation
* DCT-Based Motion Estimation
* DCT-based motion estimation method
* DCT-Based Subpixel Motion Compensation and Fully DCT-Based Video Coder
* Discrete-cosine/sine-transform based motion estimation
* Interpolation-Free Subpixel Motion Estimation Techniques in DCT Domain
* Motion Compensation on DCT Domain
Includes: Koc, U.V.[Ut Va] Koc, U.V.[Ut-Va] Koc, U.V.
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Koc, W.[Wladyslaw] Co Author Listing * Preparatory Railway Track Geometry Estimation Based on GNSS and IMU Systems
* Verification of GNSS Measurements of the Railway Track Using Standard Techniques for Determining Coordinates
* Verification of Satellite Railway Track Position Measurements Making Use of Standard Coordinate Determination Techniques

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