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Kesidis, A.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Zoning Features for Character and Word Recognition
* Efficient Cut-Off Threshold Estimation for Word Spotting Applications
* Exact image reconstruction from a limited number of projections
* On the gray-scale inverse Hough transform
* On the Inverse Hough Transform
* Panic Detection Using Machine Learning and Real-Time Biometric and Spatiotemporal Data
* Window-based Gray-scale Inverse Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Applications on Gray-scale Line Filtering, A
* Window-Based Inverse Hough Transform, A
* word spotting framework for historical machine-printed documents, A
Includes: Kesidis, A.L. Kesidis, A.L.[Anastasios L.]
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Kesidis, G. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Learning Targeting Deep Neural Network Classification: A Comprehensive Review of Defenses Against Attacks
* Backdoor Attack against 3D Point Cloud Classifiers, A
Includes: Kesidis, G. Kesidis, G.[George]

Kesik Brodacka, M.[Malgorzta] Co Author Listing * Effects of Climate and Bioclimate on COVID-19 Cases in Poland, The
* Modeling the Spatial and Temporal Spread of COVID-19 in Poland Based on a Spatial Interaction Model
Includes: Kesik Brodacka, M.[Malgorzta] Kesik-Brodacka, M.[Malgorzta] Kesik-Brodacka, M.[Malgorzata]

Kesikoglu, A. Co Author Listing * Performance Comparison Of Evolutionary Algorithms For Image Clustering

Kesikoglu, M.H. Co Author Listing * Evamapper: A Novel Matlab Toolbox For Evapotranspiration Mapping
* Unsupervised change detection in satellite images using fuzzy c-means clustering and principal component analysis

Kesiman, M.W.A.[Made Windu Antara] Co Author Listing * initial study on the construction of ground truth binarized images of ancient palm leaf manuscripts, An
* Study on feature extraction methods for character recognition of Balinese script on palm leaf manuscript images

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