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Kehtarnavaz, N. Co Author Listing * 3-D Contour Segmentation Scheme Based on Curvature and Torsion, A
* Action Recognition from Depth Sequences Using Depth Motion Maps-Based Local Binary Patterns
* Affine invariant comparison of point-sets using convex hulls and hausdorff distances
* affine invariant curve matching method for photo-identification of marine mammals, An
* auto-focus sharpness function for stereo image pairs, An
* Autoassociative Segmentation for Real Time Object Recognition in Realistic Outdoor Images
* Automatic exposure selection and fusion for high-dynamic-range photography via smartphones
* Bilateral Markov mesh random field and its application to image restoration
* Brain Functional Localization: A Survey of Image Registration Techniques
* Classification of breast mass abnormalities using denseness and architectural distortion
* Classification of ex-vivo breast cancer positive margins measured by hyperspectral imaging
* Collision-Free Navigation Scheme in the Presence of Moving Obstacles, A
* Comparison of atlas-based segmentation of subcortical structures in magnetic resonance brain images
* Computation of Image Spatial Entropy Using Quadrilateral Markov Random Field
* Computationally efficient image deblurring using low rank image approximation and its GPU implementation
* Computationally efficient mutual information estimation for non-rigid image registration
* Computationally Tractable Stochastic Image Modeling Based on Symmetric Markov Mesh Random Fields
* Constant-time Algorithm for Erosions/Dilations with Applications to Morphological Texture Feature Computation, A
* Continuous detection and recognition of actions of interest among actions of non-interest using a depth camera
* Deep Learning-Based Human Pose Estimation
* Deep Learning-Based Human Pose Estimation: A Survey
* Determining number of clusters and prototype locations via multi-scale clustering
* Development and Real-Time Implementation of a Rule-Based Auto-Focus Algorithm
* Development and Real-Time Implementation of Auto White Balancing Scoring Algorithm
* Distortion Correction via Non-rigid Registration of Functional to Anatomical Magnetic Resonance Brain Images
* DWT-based scene-adaptive color quantization
* Enhanced low-light auto-focus system model in digital still and cell-phone cameras
* Establishing collision zones for obstacles moving with uncertainty
* Evaluating similarity measures for brain image registration
* Exposure bracketing via automatic exposure selection
* Facial expression recognition based on diffeomorphic matching
* Fast adaptive early termination for mode selection in H.264 scalable video coding
* Fast adaptive termination mode selection for H.264 scalable video coding
* Fast computation methods for estimation of image spatial entropy
* fast feature-assisted adaptive early termination approach for multiple reference frames motion estimation in H.264, A
* Fast J-linkage algorithm for camera orientation applications
* Framework for Estimation of Motion Parameters from Range Images, A
* Framework for Surface Reconstruction for 3D Contours, A
* Generalization of the EM Algorithm for Mixture Density Estimation
* gradient-based optimization approach for reduction of blocking artifacts in JPEG images, A
* Hough Array Processing via Fast Multi-Scale Clustering
* hybrid face detection approach for real-time depolyment on mobile devices, A
* Ice-hockey puck detection and tracking for video highlighting
* Image Blur Reduction for Cell-Phone Cameras Via Adaptive Tonal Correction
* Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning: A Survey
* Improving Human Action Recognition Using Fusion of Depth Camera and Inertial Sensors
* Inertial Measurement Unit-Based Wearable Computers for Assisted Living Applications: A signal processing perspective
* Journal of real-time image processing: second issue of volume 6
* Kullback-Leibler Distance Optimization for Non-rigid Registration of Echo-Planar to Structural Magnetic Resonance Brain Images
* Locating an affine/projective invariant identifier patch on an image
* Online frame-based clustering with unknown number of clusters
* Photo-Identification of Humpback and Gray Whales using Affine Moment Invariants
* Real-time auto white balancing for digital cameras using discrete wavelet transform-based scoring
* Real-time computation of disparity for hand-pair gesture recognition using a stereo webcam
* Real-time Continuous Automatic Focus Algorithm for Digital Cameras, A
* Real-time Face-based Auto-Focus for Digital Still and Cell-Phone Cameras
* real-time histographic approach to road sign recognition, A
* Real-time human action recognition based on depth motion maps
* Real-Time Image and Video Processing: From Research to Reality
* Real-Time Object Specific Recognition via Raster Scan Video Processing
* Real-time predictive zoom tracking for digital still cameras
* Real-time robust vision-based hand gesture recognition using stereo images
* Special issue: Real-time imaging
* Stop-Sign Recognition Based on Color-Shape Processing
* Symmetric deformable image registration via optimization of information theoretic measures
* Syntactic/Semantic Technique for Surface Reconstruction from Cross-Sectional Contours, A
* Third issue of Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, volume 5
* Two-stage registration of substrcutures in magnetic resonance brain images
* UTD-MHAD: A multimodal dataset for human action recognition utilizing a depth camera and a wearable inertial sensor
Includes: Kehtarnavaz, N. Kehtarnavaz, N.[Nasser]
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Kehtarnavaz, N.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Camera Movement Errors in Vision-Based Vehicle Tracking
* Analysis of camera movements in stereo vision-based vehicle tracking
* Error Analysis Of Camera Movements In Stereo Vehicle Tracking-Systems

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