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Kare, S.[Sarvani] Co Author Listing * Using bidimensional regression to assess face similarity

Kareem, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Poststorm Damage Classification of Low-Rise Building Roofing Systems Using High-Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Color balancing for change detection in multitemporal images
Includes: Kareem, A. Kareem, A.[Ahsan]

Kareem, D.A.[Dalshad Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Flood-Prone Areas Utilizing GIS Techniques and Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Kareem, M.[Murtadha] Co Author Listing * Validating the robustness of an internet of things based atrial fibrillation detection system

Kareem, P. Co Author Listing * Offset aperture based hardware architecture for real-time depth extraction

Kareem, S.Y.[Syed Yusha] Co Author Listing * Human Activity Recognition Models in Ontology Networks

Karel, W. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of large-scale canopy heights derived from LiDAR data under operational constraints in a complex alpine environment
* Automated Archiving of Archaeological Aerial Images
* DTM Quality Assessment
* Efficient Orientation And Calibration Of Large Aerial Blocks Of Multi-camera Platforms
* Impact of the Acquisition Geometry of Very High-Resolution Pléiades Imagery on the Accuracy of Canopy Height Models over Forested Alpine Regions
* Integrated Range Camera Calibration Using Image Sequences from Hand-Held Operation
* Investigation on the Automatic Geo-Referencing of Archaeological UAV Photographs by Correlation with Pre-Existing Ortho-Photos
* Mind Your Grey Tones: Examining the Influence of Decolourization Methods on Interest Point Extraction and Matching for Architectural Image-Based Modelling
* Opals Data Manager: Efficient Data Management for Processing Large Airborne Laser Scanning Projects, The
* Orientation and Processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data (OPALS): Concept and first results of a comprehensive ALS software
* Orientation Of Oblique Airborne Image Sets: Experiences From The ISPRS/EUROSDR Benchmark On Multi-platform Photogrammetry
* Quantifying The Distortion Of Distance Observations Caused By Scattering In Time-of-flight Range Cameras
* Terrestrial Structure from Motion Photogrammetry for Deriving Forest Inventory Data
* True orthophoto generation using multi-view aerial images
Includes: Karel, W. Karel, W.[Wilfried]
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Karella, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * 3d Non-separable Moment Invariants
Includes: Karella, T.[Tomas] Karella, T.[Tomáš]

Karellas, A. Co Author Listing * Modeling the Performance Characteristics of Computed Radiography (CR) Systems

Karem, A. Co Author Listing * Application of Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Buried Threat Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar Data
* Large-Scale Multi-Institutional Evaluation of Advanced Discrimination Algorithms for Buried Threat Detection in Ground Penetrating Radar, A
* Multiple Instance Learning with multiple positive and negative target concepts

Karemore, G. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Oriented Breast Coordinate System for Mammogram Analysis, An

Karessli, N.[Nour] Co Author Listing * FitGAN: Fit- and Shape-Realistic Generative Adversarial Networks for Fashion
* Gaze Embeddings for Zero-Shot Image Classification
Includes: Karessli, N.[Nour] Karessli, N.

Karev, D.[Dimitar] Co Author Listing * When Pigs Fly: Contextual Reasoning in Synthetic and Natural Scenes

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