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Jutzi, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extrinsic Self-Calibration of Mobile Mapping Systems Based on Geometric 3D Features
* Automatic Feature-Based Point Cloud Registration for a Moving Sensor Platform
* Detection of Weak Laser Pulses by Full Waveform Stacking
* Evaluation of a range imaging sensor concerning range resolution and illumination
* Fully Automatic Image-Based Registration of Unorganized TLS Data
* Fusing Passive And Active Sensed Images To Gain Infrared-Textured 3D Models
* Impact of Different Trajectories On Extrinsic Self-calibration For Vehicle-based Mobile Laser Scanning Systems
* Improved Feature Detection in Fused Intensity-Range Images with Complex SIFT (CSIFT)
* Improved UAV-Borne 3D Mapping by Fusing Optical and Laserscanner Data
* Integrating external knowledge into SVM classification: Fusing hyperspectral and laserscanning data by kernel composition.
* Investigations on Ambiguity Unwrapping of Range Images
* Iterative processing of laser scanning data by full waveform analysis
* Kernel Composition with the one-against-one Cascade for Integrating External Knowledge into SVM Classification
* Laser Pulse Analysis for Reconstruction and Classification of Urban Objects
* Managing Full Waveform LIDAR Data: A Challenging Task for the Forthcoming Years
* Nearest Neighbour Classification on Laser Point Clouds to Gain Object Structures from Buildings
* Next-best-view Method Based On Consecutive Evaluation Of Topological Relations
* Normalization of Lidar Intensity Data Based on Range and Surface Incidence Angle
* On the Feasibility of Water Surface Mapping with Single Photon LiDAR
* Photogrammetric Image Analysis
* Potentials of Image Based Active Ranging to Capture Dynamic Scenes
* Potentials of small, lightweight and low cost Multi-Echo Laser Scanners for detecting Grape Berries
* Precise Range Estimation on Known Surfaces by Analysis of Full-Waveform Laser
* Preface: Technical Commission I
* Range determination with waveform recording laser systems using a Wiener Filter
* Segmentation of Tree Regions Using Data of a Full-Waveform Laser
* Semantic point cloud interpretation based on optimal neighborhoods, relevant features and efficient classifiers
* Step Towards Dynamic Scene Analysis With Active Multi-view Range Imaging Systems, A
* Sub-pixel edge localization based on laser waveform analysis
* Supporting UAVS in Low Visibility Conditions by Multiple-Pulse Laser Scanning Devices
* Theme issue High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information
* Towards people detection from fused time-of-flight and thermal infrared images
* Tree species classification using within crown localization of waveform LiDAR attributes
* Vision through Obstacles: 3D Geometric Reconstruction and Evaluation of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs)
Includes: Jutzi, B.[Boris] Jutzi, B.
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