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Just, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * comparative study of two state-of-the-art sequence processing techniques for hand gesture recognition, A
* Hand Posture Classification and Recognition using the Modified Census Transform
* HMM and IOHMM for the Recognition of Mono- and Bi-Manual 3D Hand Gestures
* Recognition of isolated complex mono-and bi-manual 3D hand gestures
* Self-Supervised Pre-Training Boosts Semantic Scene Segmentation on LiDAR data
Includes: Just, A.[Agnes] Just, A. Just, A.[Ariadna]

Just, A.C.[Allan C.] Co Author Listing * Correcting Measurement Error in Satellite Aerosol Optical Depth with Machine Learning for Modeling PM2.5 in the Northeastern USA
* Estimation of Hourly near Surface Air Temperature Across Israel Using an Ensemble Model

Just, D. Co Author Listing * Investigations on the Global Image Datasets for the Absolute Geometric Quality Assessment of Msg Seviri Imagery

Just, H.A.[Hoang Anh] Co Author Listing * Label-Only Model Inversion Attacks via Boundary Repulsion

Just, U. Co Author Listing * Accurate Method for Correction of Head Movement in PET, An

Juste, F. Co Author Listing * Colour Segmentation Based on a Light Reflection Model to Locate Citrus Fruits for Robotic Harvesting
* Development of a Computer Vision System for the Automatic Quality Grading of Mandarin Segments
Includes: Juste, F. Juste, F.[Florentino]

Juste, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Mapping Benthic Habitats by Extending Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Address the Water Column and Seabed Adjacency Effects

Justel, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Electrical Noise Removal Enables High Spectral Optoacoustic Contrast in Deep Tissue
* Disentangling the Frequency Content in Optoacoustics
* Synthetic Total Impulse Response Characterization Method for Correction of Hand-Held Optoacoustic Images, A
Includes: Justel, D.[Dominik] Jüstel, D.[Dominik] (Maybe also Juestel, D.)Jüstel, D. (Maybe also Juestel, D.)

Justel, J.J.A.[Jose Juan Arranz] Co Author Listing * Road safety evaluation through automatic extraction of road horizontal alignments from Mobile LiDAR System and inductive reasoning based on a decision tree
Includes: Justel, J.J.A.[Jose Juan Arranz] Justel, J.J.A.[José Juan Arranz]

Justen, K.A.[Karla A.] Co Author Listing * Fast Pavement Location Approach for Autonomous Car Navigation, A
* Passive Vision Region-Based Road Detection: A Literature Review

Justh, E.W. Co Author Listing * Boundary following using gyroscopic control

Justice, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * 30+ Year AVHRR Land Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record and Its Application to Wheat Yield Monitoring, A
* Estimating Global Cropland Extent with Multi-year MODIS Data
* Geo-CropSim: A Geo-spatial crop simulation modeling framework for regional scale crop yield and water use assessment
* Monitoring Global Croplands with Coarse Resolution Earth Observations: The Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project
* Validation of Automatically Generated Global and Regional Cropland Data Sets: The Case of Tanzania
Includes: Justice, C.[Chris] Justice, C. Justice, C.[Christina]

Justice, C.O.[Christopher O.] Co Author Listing * 30+ Year AVHRR LAI and FAPAR Climate Data Record: Algorithm Description and Validation, A
* Framework for Defining Spatially Explicit Earth Observation Requirements for a Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative (GEOGLAM), A
* Meeting Earth Observation Requirements for Global Agricultural Monitoring: An Evaluation of the Revisit Capabilities of Current and Planned Moderate Resolution Optical Earth Observing Missions
* overview of MODIS Land data processing and product status, An
* Special issue on the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS): a new generation of land surface monitoring
Includes: Justice, C.O.[Christopher O.] Justice, C.O.

Justice, D.[Derek] Co Author Listing * Binary Linear Programming Formulation of the Graph Edit Distance, A

Justice, J.H. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional attribute analysis and pattern recognition for seismic interpretation

Justicia, C.[Carles] Co Author Listing * Improving image quality in small animal diffusion tensor imaging at 7T

Justiniano, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Splines for Image Metamorphosis

Justino, E.[Edson] Co Author Listing * Assessing Textural Features for Writer Identification on Different Writing Styles and Forgeries
* Author Identification Using Compression Models
* Reducing forgeries in writer-independent off-line signature verification through ensemble of classifiers
* Writer verification using texture-based features
Includes: Justino, E.[Edson] Justino, E.

Justino, E.J.R.[Edson J.R.] Co Author Listing * comparison of SVM and HMM classifiers in the off-line signature verification, A
* Forensic Analysis of Manuscript Authorship: An Optimized Computational Approach Based on Texture Descriptors
* Off-line signature verification using HMM for random, simple and skilled forgeries
Includes: Justino, E.J.R.[Edson J.R.] Justino, E.J.R.[Edson J. R.]

Justiz, J. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Real-Time Monitoring of Data Quality in Electrical Impedance Tomography

Justkowski, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Playing Domino: A Case Study for an Active Vision System

Justo, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Point Cloud Data Processing and Infrastructure Information Models: Methods and Findings from Safeway Project
* 3D Point Cloud to BIM: Semi-Automated Framework to Define IFC Alignment Entities from MLS-Acquired LiDAR Data of Highway Roads
Includes: Justo, A. Justo, A.[Andrés]

Justo, J.F.[Joao Francisco] Co Author Listing * Event-Triggered Non-Switching Networked Sliding Mode Control for Active Suspension System With Random Actuation Network Delay
Includes: Justo, J.F.[Joao Francisco] Justo, J.F.[João Francisco]

Justo, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Approach to Estimate Perplexity Values for Language Models Based on Phrase Classes, An
* Combining Statistical and Semantic Knowledge for Sarcasm Detection in Online Dialogues
* Hierarchical Models for Rescoring Graphs vs. Full Integration
* Impact of the Approaches Involved on Word-Graph Derivation from the ASR System
* Measuring the Quality of Annotations for a Subjective Crowdsourcing Task
* Modeling Spoken Dialog Systems under the Interactive Pattern Recognition Framework
* Morpheme-Based Automatic Speech Recognition of Basque
* Multimodal Feature Evaluation and Fusion for Emotional Well-Being Monitorization
* Segment-Based Classes for Language Modeling Within the Field of CSR
* Word Segments in Category-Based Language Models for Automatic Speech Recognition
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Justova, P.[Petra] Co Author Listing * Cartographic Design and Processing of Originally Printed Historical Maps for Their Presentation on the Web
Includes: Justova, P.[Petra] Justová, P.[Petra]

Justus, C.[Carina] Co Author Listing * Use of Imaging Techniques as a Support for the Preventive Conservation Strategy of Wall Paintings: Application to the Medieval Decors of the Château de Germolles

Justus, F.[Faith] Co Author Listing * Spatial Distribution of Greenhouse Commercial Horticulture in Kenya and the Role of Demographic, Infrastructure and Topo-Edaphic Factors

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