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Iwama, H.[Haruyuki] Co Author Listing * Foreground and Shadow Segmentation Based on a Homography-Correspondence Pair
* Gait Verification System for Supporting Criminal Investigation
* On combining gait features
* Person re-identification using view-dependent score-level fusion of gait and color features
Includes: Iwama, H.[Haruyuki] Iwama, H.

Iwama, N.[Naofumi] Co Author Listing * GCV-Aided linear image regularization for the reconstruction of wave distribution function of magnetospheric VLF/ELF waves

Iwama, T.[Toru] Co Author Listing * Development of an Automated Method for the Detection of Chronic Lacunar Infarct Regions in Brain MR Images

Iwamaru, M.[Masaki] Co Author Listing * Fractal Map: Fractal-Based 2D Expansion Method for Multi-scale High-Dimensional Data Visualization

Iwami, K. Co Author Listing * Mask-SLAM: Robust Feature-Based Monocular SLAM by Masking Using Semantic Segmentation
* Scale Drift Correction of Camera Geo-Localization Using Geo-Tagged Images
Includes: Iwami, K. Iwami, K.[Kazuya]

Iwami, Y.[Yoichi] Co Author Listing * Prompt Proxy Mapping of Flood Damaged Rice Fields Using MODIS-Derived Indices
* Rapid Exposure Assessment Of Nationwide River Flood For Disaster Risk Reduction
Includes: Iwami, Y.[Yoichi] Iwami, Y.

Iwamoto, C. Co Author Listing * Re-staining Pathology Images by FCNN

Iwamoto, H. Co Author Listing * Generation Of The 30 M-mesh Global Digital Surface Model By Alos Prism

Iwamoto, K.[Kota] Co Author Listing * BRIGHT: A scalable and compact binary descriptor for low-latency and high accuracy object identification
* Carried Object Recognition via Location Relation with Body Parts
* Detection of Wipes and Digital Video Effects Based on a Pattern-Independent Model of Image Boundary Line Characteristics
* Fast 2D-to-3D matching with camera pose voting for 3D object identification
* Image Signature Robust to Caption Superimposition for Video Sequence Identification
* Local Feature Based Multiple Object Instance Identification Using Scale and Rotation Invariant Implicit Shape Model
* MPEG-7 Video Signature Tools for Content Identification, The
* Multiple object identification using grid voting of object center estimated from keypoint matches
Includes: Iwamoto, K.[Kota] Iwamoto, K.
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Iwamoto, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis on the Resolution of Polarimetric Radar and Performance Evaluation of the Polarimetric Bandwidth Extrapolation Method
* Nano-level 3-D shape measurement system using 3-wavelength LED light interference fringes
* Three-Dimensional Target Geometry and Target Motion Estimation Method Using Multistatic ISAR Movies and Its Performance
* Two-Dimensional Bandwidth Extrapolation Technique for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, A
Includes: Iwamoto, M. Iwamoto, M.[Masakatsu]

Iwamoto, N.[Naoya] Co Author Listing * BEAT: A Large-Scale Semantic and Emotional Multi-modal Dataset for Conversational Gestures Synthesis

Iwamoto, S.[Sadahiro] Co Author Listing * REFLICS: Real-time Flow Imaging and Classification System

Iwamoto, T. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition System Using Local Autocorrelations and Multiscale Integration
* Image processing apparatus and processing method
* Picture processing apparatus
Includes: Iwamoto, T. Iwamoto, T.[Taro]

Iwamoto, Y.[Yutaro] Co Author Listing * 3D Multiple-Contextual ROI-Attention Network for Efficient and Accurate Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation
* Dual-Attention Dilated Residual Network for Liver Lesion Classification and Localization on CT Images, A
* Efficient Deep Learning Based Coarse-to-Fine Cephalometric Landmark Detection Method, An
* G-GCSN: Global Graph Convolution Shrinkage Network for Emotion Perception from Gait
* High frequency compensated face hallucination
* Image super-resolution based on locality-constrained linear coding
* Improved Hand Gesture Recognition with Two-Stage Convolution Neural Networks Using a Hand Color Image and its Pseudo-Depth Image, An
* Medical Image Segmentation With Deep Atlas Prior
* Mutual Information-Based Graph Co-Attention Networks for Multimodal Prior-Guided Magnetic Resonance Imaging Segmentation
* Novel Image Restoration Method Based on Multi-Frame Super-Resolution for Atmospherically Distorted Images
* Parallel-connected Residual Channel Attention Network for Remote Sensing Image Super-resolution
* Super-resolution of MR volumetric images using sparse representation and self-similarity
* Teacher-Student Learning Based on Composed Ground-Truth Images for Accurate Cephalometric Landmark Detection, A
* User-Calibration-Free Gaze Estimation Method Using a Binocular 3D Eye Model
* VolumeNet: A Lightweight Parallel Network for Super-Resolution of MR and CT Volumetric Data
Includes: Iwamoto, Y.[Yutaro] Iwamoto, Y. Iwamoto, Y.[Yukina]
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Iwamoto, Y.T.[Yu Taro] Co Author Listing * Classification of Pulmonary Emphysema in CT Images Based on Multi-Scale Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Multi-Stream Scale-Insensitive Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Liver Tumor Detection in Dynamic Ct Images
* Tensor-based sparse representations of multi-phase medical images for classification of focal liver lesions
Includes: Iwamoto, Y.T.[Yu Taro] Iwamoto, Y.T.[Yu-Taro]

Iwamura, K.[Keiichi] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a Zero-Watermarking-Type Steganography
* Housediff: A Map-based Building Change Detection From High Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Geometric Optimization Method
* Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
* Map-based Approach to Extracting Object Information from Aerial Images, A
* Scalable authentication for various representations of JPEG 2000 images
Includes: Iwamura, K.[Keiichi] Iwamura, K.

Iwamura, M. Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition for the Mind: Toward a Cognitive Quantified Self
* Affine Invariant Information Embedment for Accurate Camera-Based Character Recognition
* Anytime Algorithm for Camera-Based Character Recognition, An
* Automatic Ground Truth Generation of Camera Captured Documents Using Document Image Retrieval
* Automatic Labeling for Scene Text Database
* Camera-based document image retrieval as voting for partial signatures of projective invariants
* Capturing Digital Ink as Retrieving Fragments of Document Images
* Conspicuous Character Patterns
* Data Embedding into Characters
* Distortion-Adaptive Grape Bunch Counting for Omnidirectional Images
* Downtown Osaka Scene Text Dataset
* EEG-Based Cognitive State Assessment Using Deep Ensemble Model and Filter Bank Common Spatial Pattern
* Efficient Recognition of Planar Objects Based on Hashing of Keypoints: An Approach Towards Making the Physical World Clickable
* Embedding Meta-Information in Handwriting: Reed-Solomon for Reliable Error Correction
* End-to-end Triplet Loss based Emotion Embedding System for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Event Detection Based on Noisy Object Information
* Exploring Sensor Modalities to Capture User Behaviors for Reading Detection
* Extraction of Embedded Class Information from Universal Character Pattern
* Fast search based on generalized similarity measure
* Handwriting Reconstruction for a Camera Pen Using Random Dot Patterns
* ICDAR 2013 Robust Reading Competition
* ICDAR 2015 competition on Robust Reading
* Improvement of Retrieval Speed and Required Amount of Memory for Geometric Hashing by Combining Local Invariants
* Individuality-Preserving Silhouette Extraction for Gait Recognition and Its Speedup
* Isolated character recognition by searching feature points
* Key-Region Detection for Document Images: Application to Administrative Document Retrieval
* Learning Multi-Level Features for Improved 3D Reconstruction
* Learning Pyramidal Feature Hierarchy for 3D Reconstruction
* Memory efficient recognition of specific objects with local features
* Method of Annotation Extraction from Paper Documents Using Alignment Based on Local Arrangements of Feature Points, A
* Modification of Eigenvalues to Compensate Estimation Errors of Eigenvectors, A
* More than ink: Realization of a data-embedding pen
* OCR Fonts Revisited for Camera-Based Character Recognition
* Preface: Robust Reading
* Reading-Life Log: Technologies to Recognize Texts That We Read, The
* Real-Time Camera-Based Recognition of Characters and Pictograms
* Real-Time Document Image Retrieval for a 10 Million Pages Database with a Memory Efficient and Stability Improved LLAH
* Real-Time Retrieval for Images of Documents in Various Languages Using a Web Camera
* Recognition of Layout-Free Characters on Complex Background
* Recognition of Multiple Characters in a Scene Image Using Arrangement of Local Features
* Recovery and localization of handwritings by a camera-pen based on tracking and document image retrieval
* Reliable Online Stroke Recovery from Offline Data with the Data-Embedding Pen
* Robust and efficient recognition of low-quality images by cascaded recognizers with massive local features
* Share Me: A Digital Annotation Sharing Service for Paper Documents with Multiple Clients Support
* Simple Representation and Approximate Search of Feature Vectors for Large-Scale Object Recognition
* Tracking and Retrieval of Pen Tip Positions for an Intelligent Camera Pen
* Use of Affine Invariants in Locally Likely Arrangement Hashing for Camera-Based Document Image Retrieval
* What is the Most EfficientWay to Select Nearest Neighbor Candidates for Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search?
* Where Are You Looking At? - Feature-Based Eye Tracking on Unmodified Tablets
Includes: Iwamura, M. Iwamura, M.[Masakazu]
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Iwamura, R.[Ryuichi] Co Author Listing * Motion vector calculation circuit, with flatness-judgement circuitry, that selects a generated motion vector for output in accordance with a flatness judgement result

Iwamura, S.[Shunsuke] Co Author Listing * Efficient Lifting Structure of Biorthogonal Filter Banks for Lossless Image Coding, An
* Ultra high-definition video coding using bit-depth reduction with image noise reduction and pseudo-contour prevention
Includes: Iwamura, S.[Shunsuke] Iwamura, S.

Iwamura, Y.[Yasumasa] Co Author Listing * Combination Photometric Stereo Using Compactness of Albedo and Surface Normal in the Presence of Shadows and Specular Reflection

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