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Issa, I. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Prefiltering Operators for Road Network Extraction in SAR Images
* Magnetic Resonance Imaging Surface Coil Transceiver Employing a Metasurface for 1.5T Applications, A

Issa, M.A.[Mohammed Aouled] Co Author Listing * Gait features fusion for efficient automatic age classification
* Gait-based human age classification using a silhouette model

Issa, N.P. Co Author Listing * Convulsive Movement Detection using Low-Resolution Thermopile Sensor Array

Issa, R.R.A.[Raja R. A.] Co Author Listing * Semantic 3D CAD and Its Applications in Construction Industry: An Outlook of Construction Data Visualization

Issa, S. Co Author Listing * GIS-based Wind Farm Site Selection Model Offshore Abu Dhabi Emirate, Uae
* Review of Terrestrial Carbon Assessment Methods Using Geo-Spatial Technologies with Emphasis on Arid Lands, A
* Subband effect of the wavelet fuzzy C-means features in texture classification
Includes: Issa, S. Issa, S.[Salem] Issa, S.[Saad]

Issa, S.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of LULC changes and urban expansion of the resort city of Al Ain using remote sensing and GIS
* GIS-based Multi-criteria Evaluation System For Selection Of Landfill Sites: a case study from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, A

Issac, B.[Biju] Co Author Listing * Survey on Biometrics and Cancelable Biometrics Systems, A

Issakov, V.[Vadim] Co Author Listing * Air-Writing with Sparse Network of Radars using Spatio-Temporal Learning

Issam, K.[Kecir] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy logic controllers for Mobile robot navigation in unknown environment using Kinect sensor

Issanova, G.[Gulnura] Co Author Listing * Direct, ECOC, ND and END Frameworks: Which One Is the Best? An Empirical Study of Sentinel-2A MSIL1C Image Classification for Arid-Land Vegetation Mapping in the Ili River Delta, Kazakhstan

Issaoui, L. Co Author Listing * Cross-layer algorithm for QoS in WBANs

Issaranon, T. Co Author Listing * Counterfactual Depth from a Single RGB Image
* SafetyNet: Detecting and Rejecting Adversarial Examples Robustly

Issard, A. Co Author Listing * Image tiling for embedded applications with non-linear constraints

Issaris, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Practical and Scalable Transmission of Segmented Video Sequences to Multiple Players Using H.264

Issartel, P. Co Author Listing * Slicing techniques for handheld augmented reality

Issawy, E.[Elsayed] Co Author Listing * Crustal Structure of the Nile Delta: Interpretation of Seismic-Constrained Satellite-Based Gravity Data

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