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Inglada, J. Co Author Listing * Alignment and Parallelism for the Description of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Analysis of Artifacts in Subpixel Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Assessment of an Operational System for Crop Type Map Production Using High Temporal and Spatial Resolution Satellite Optical Imagery
* Assessment of Optimal Transport for Operational Land-Cover Mapping Using High-Resolution Satellite Images Time Series without Reference Data of the Mapping Period
* Assessment of the Usefulness of Spectral Bands for the Next Generation of Sentinel-2 Satellites by Reconstruction of Missing Bands
* Automated Method for Annual Cropland Mapping along the Season for Various Globally-Distributed Agrosystems Using High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Time Series, An
* Automatic recognition of man-made objects in high resolution optical remote sensing images by SVM classification of geometric image features
* Bivariate Gamma Distributions for Image Registration and Change Detection
* Building a Data Set over 12 Globally Distributed Sites to Support the Development of Agriculture Monitoring Applications with Sentinel-2
* Change Detection in Multisensor SAR Images Using Bivariate Gamma Distributions
* Clustering of satellite image time series under Time Warping
* Decision Fusion for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data: Outcome of the 2008 GRS-S Data Fusion Contest
* Detection of Irrigated and Rainfed Crops in Temperate Areas Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Early Detection of Summer Crops Using High Spatial Resolution Optical Image Time Series
* Effect of Training Class Label Noise on Classification Performances for Land Cover Mapping with Satellite Image Time Series
* Filtering mislabeled data for improving time series classification
* Fusion Approaches for Land Cover Map Production Using High Resolution Image Time Series without Reference Data of the Corresponding Period
* Geometry Aware Evaluation of Handcrafted Superpixel-Based Features and Convolutional Neural Networks for Land Cover Mapping Using Satellite Imagery
* High-Resolution Optical and SAR Image Fusion for Building Database Updating
* Improved Early Crop Type Identification By Joint Use of High Temporal Resolution SAR And Optical Image Time Series
* Land Cover Maps Production with High Resolution Satellite Image Time Series and Convolutional Neural Networks: Adaptations and Limits for Operational Systems
* Learning Harmonised Pleiades and Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectances
* Low and high spatial resolution time series fusion for improved land cover map production
* Metric for Evaluating the Geometric Quality of Land Cover Maps Generated with Contextual Features from High-Dimensional Satellite Image Time Series without Dense Reference Data, A
* New Statistical Similarity Measure for Change Detection in Multitemporal SAR Images and Its Extension to Multiscale Change Analysis, A
* Operational High Resolution Land Cover Map Production at the Country Scale Using Satellite Image Time Series
* Production of a Dynamic Cropland Mask by Processing Remote Sensing Image Series at High Temporal and Spatial Resolutions
* Qualitative Spatial Reasoning for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Analysis
* Robust Road Extraction for High Resolution Satellite Images
* Scalable Tile-Based Framework for Region-Merging Segmentation, A
* Scaling Up SLIC Superpixels Using a Tile-Based Approach
* Speeding up Support Vector Machine (SVM) image classification by a kernel series expansion
* Toward a Yearly Country-Scale CORINE Land-Cover Map without Using Images: A Map Translation Approach
Includes: Inglada, J. Inglada, J.[Jordi]
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Ingle, A.[Atul] Co Author Listing * 3D Scene Inference from Transient Histograms
* Asynchronous Single-Photon 3D Imaging
* Compressive Single-Photon 3D Cameras
* High Flux Passive Imaging With Single-Photon Sensors
* Motion Adaptive Deblurring with Single-Photon Cameras
* Passive Inter-Photon Imaging
* Photon-Flooded Single-Photon 3D Cameras
* Single-Photon Camera Guided Extreme Dynamic Range Imaging
* Three-Dimensional Sheaf of Ultrasound Planes Reconstruction (SOUPR) of Ablated Volumes
Includes: Ingle, A.[Atul] Ingle, A.
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Ingle, M. Co Author Listing * Vision-based approach for American Sign Language recognition using Edge Orientation Histogram

Ingle, R.[Ruchita] Co Author Listing * Development of Hybrid Models to Estimate Gross Primary Productivity at a Near-Natural Peatland Using Sentinel 2 Data and a Light Use Efficiency Model

Ingle, V.K.[Vinay K.] Co Author Listing * Backward and forward linear prediction applied to ultraspectral image processing
* Band ordering in compression of ultraspectral images
* Gradient based multifocus video image fusion
* Kalman Filtering in Two Dimensions: Further Results
* Lossy compression of ultraspectral images: Integrating preprocessing and compression stages
* Space-filling curves applied to compression of ultraspectral images
* Ultraspectral image compression using two-stage prediction: Prediction gain and rate-distortion analysis
Includes: Ingle, V.K.[Vinay K.] Ingle, V.K.
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Inglebert, C. Co Author Listing * Road Line Tracking: An Approach Based On Spatio-Temporal Surface

Ingleby, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Capturing Physiology of Emotion along Facial Muscles: A Method of Distinguishing Feigned from Involuntary Expressions
* Toward Use of Facial Thermal Features in Dynamic Assessment of Affect and Arousal Level
Includes: Ingleby, M.[Michael] Ingleby, M.

Inglese, R. Co Author Listing * VLSI architecture for parallel concentration-contour approach

Inglis, N.C.[Nicole C.] Co Author Listing * From Meadow to Map: Integrating Field Surveys and Interactive Visualizations for Invasive Species Management in a National Park

Inglisa, R. Co Author Listing * Technological Innovation and New Presentation Strategies for Virtual Museum Exhibitions

Inglot, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Use of Bi-Temporal ALS Point Clouds for Tree Removal Detection on Private Property in Racibórz, Poland

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