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Hugli, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive color image compression based on visual attention
* Assessing the contribution of color in visual attention
* Computing Visual Attention from Scene Depth
* Dynamic visual attention on the sphere
* Empirical Validation of the Saliency-based Model of Visual Attention
* Fast ICP Algorithms for Shape Registration
* Fusion of Time of Flight Camera Point Clouds
* Geometric Matching of 3D Objects, Assessing the Range of Successful Configurations
* Linear vs. Nonlinear Feature Combination for Saliency Computation: A Comparison with Human Vision
* MAPS: Multiscale Attention-Based PreSegmentation of Color Images
* Multi-Feature Matching Algorithm for Free-Form 3D Surface Registration
* multi-resolution ICP with heuristic closest point search for fast and robust 3D registration of range images, A
* multi-resolution scheme ICP algorithm for fast shape registration, A
* Real Time Implementation of the Saliency-Based Model of Visual Attention on a SIMD Architecture, A
* Real-Time visual attention on a massively parallel SIMD architecture
* Techniques for On-Line Chinese Character Recognition with Reduced Writing Constraints
* Visual Attention Guided Seed Selection for Color Image Segmentation
* Visual Attention on the Sphere
Includes: Hugli, H. Hugli, H.[Heinz] Hügli, H.[Heinz] (Maybe also Huegli, H.)Hügli, H. (Maybe also Huegli, H.)
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Huglo, D. Co Author Listing * New Method for Volume Segmentation of PET Images, Based on Possibility Theory, A

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