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Homma, A. Co Author Listing * Robust and Highly Customizable Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Japanese Characters

Homma, H.[Hideki] Co Author Listing * Motion vector detecting apparatus for moving picture

Homma, K.[Keiko] Co Author Listing * Development of Safety Testing Technologies of Defecation Assist Devices
* Empirical Regression Models for Estimating Multiyear Leaf Area Index of Rice from Several Vegetation Indices at the Field Scale
* Evaluation of Geographical and Annual Changes in Rice Planting Patterns Using Satellite Images in the Flood-Prone Area of the Pampanga River Basin, the Philippines
* Image correction processing method and apparatus
* Multimodal Deep Learning for Rice Yield Prediction Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery and Weather Data
* Prediction of Areal Soybean Lodging Using a Main Stem Elongation Model and a Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index That Accounts for the Ratio of Vegetation Cover
* Quantification of Changes in Rice Production for 2003-2019 with MODIS LAI Data in Pursat Province, Cambodia
* Rotational Symmetry: The Lie Group SO(3) and Its Representations
* Satellite-Based Drought Impact Assessment on Rice Yield in Thailand with SIMRIW-RS
* Simulation of Reflectance and Vegetation Indices for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Monitoring of Paddy Fields
* Whole-Body Robotic Simulator of the Elderly for Evaluating Robotic Devices for Nursing Care
Includes: Homma, K.[Keiko] Homma, K.[Koki] Homma, K.[Koichi] Homma, K.[Kazuhiro]
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Homma, R.[Riken] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scenario Prediction of Intra-Urban Land Use Change Using a Cellular Automata-Random Forest Model

Homma, S. Co Author Listing * LV volume quantification via spatiotemporal analysis of real-time 3-D echocardiography

Homma, T.[Takushi] Co Author Listing * Visualizing precise vivo motion of bones

Hommel, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Automatic following guidance system for motor vehicles
* Verification of a building damage analysis and extension to surroundings of reference buildings
Includes: Hommel, M.[Mathias] Hommel, M.[Miriam]

Hommer, D.W. Co Author Listing * Analysis of functional magnetic resonance images by wavelet decomposition
* Statistical Analysis of Functional MRI Data in the Wavelet Domain

Hommersom, A.[Arjen] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Experts: Knowledge for Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks
* Optical Classification Tool for Global Lake Waters, An
Includes: Hommersom, A.[Arjen] Hommersom, A.[Annelies]

Hommes, A. Co Author Listing * Mobile Mapping By FMCW Synthetic Aperture Radar Operating At 300 Ghz

Hommes, S. Co Author Listing * Detection of abnormal behaviour in a surveillance environment using control charts

Hommos, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * HD number plate localization and character segmentation on the Zynq heterogeneous SoC
* Using Phase Instead of Optical Flow for Action Recognition

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