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Hoek, C.[Cornelis] Co Author Listing * array processor approach for low bit rate video coding, An

Hoek, E.T.G.[Edwin T. G.] Co Author Listing * SMD position measurement by a Kohonen network compared with image processing

Hoekman, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Combine Landsat and ALOS PALSAR Time Series for Near Real-Time Deforestation Detection, A
* Wavelet Based Analysis of TanDEM-X and LiDAR DEMs across a Tropical Vegetation Heterogeneity Gradient Driven by Fire Disturbance in Indonesia
* Wide-Area Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Tropical Forest Degradation and Deforestation Using Sentinel-1

Hoekman, D.H. Co Author Listing * High-resolution InSAR image simulation for forest canopies
* Initialization of Markov random field clustering of large remote sensing images
* new polarimetric classification approach evaluated for agricultural crops, A

Hoeks, W.L.M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Behaviour of Parallel Thinning Algorithms, The
* Performance for Thinning Algorithms with Respect to Boundary Noise

Hoeksema, F.[Fokke] Co Author Listing * Transcoding of MPEG bitstreams

Hoekstra, A. Co Author Listing * Investigating Redundancy in Feedforward Neural Classifiers
* On the Nonlinearity of Pattern Classifiers

Hoekstra, A.Y.[Arjen Y.] Co Author Listing * Application of a Remote Sensing Method for Estimating Monthly Blue Water Evapotranspiration in Irrigated Agriculture
* Towards the Improvement of Blue Water Evapotranspiration Estimates by Combining Remote Sensing and Model Simulation

Hoekstra, J.M. Co Author Listing * Challenges With Obstacle Data for Manned And Unmanned Aviation
* pyModeS: Decoding Mode-S Surveillance Data for Open Air Transportation Research
* Safety Assessment of a UAV CD&R System in High Density Airspace Using Monte Carlo Simulations
* Taxonomy of Conflict Detection and Resolution Approaches for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in an Integrated Airspace

Hoekstra, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * Lake Ice-Water Classification of RADARSAT-2 Images by Integrating IRGS Segmentation with Pixel-Based Random Forest Labeling

Hoekstra, R.[Rik] Co Author Listing * Migration Experiences: Acknowledging the Past, and Sustaining the Present and Future

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