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Henebry, G.M.[Geoffrey M.] Co Author Listing * Change of spatial information under rescaling: A case study using multi-resolution image series
* Characterizing Cropland Phenology in Major Grain Production Areas of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan by the Synergistic Use of Passive Microwave and Visible to Near Infrared Data
* Characterizing Land Use/Land Cover Using Multi-Sensor Time Series from the Perspective of Land Surface Phenology
* Comparing Passive Microwave with Visible-To-Near-Infrared Phenometrics in Croplands of Northern Eurasia
* Comparison of Multiple Datasets for Monitoring Thermal Time in Urban Areas over the U.S. Upper Midwest, A
* Development and evaluation of a new algorithm for detecting 30m land surface phenology from VIIRS and HLS time series
* Differential Heating in the Indian Ocean Differentially Modulates Precipitation in the Ganges and Brahmaputra Basins
* Evaluation of the MODIS collections 5 and 6 for change analysis of vegetation and land surface temperature dynamics in North and South America
* Exploration of Terrain Effects on Land Surface Phenology across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using Landsat ETM+ and OLI Data, An
* Impacts of Thermal Time on Land Surface Phenology in Urban Areas
* Land Surface Phenologies and Seasonalities in the US Prairie Pothole Region Coupling AMSR Passive Microwave Data with the USDA Cropland Data Layer
* Land Surface Phenology and Seasonality Using Cool Earthlight in Croplands of Eastern Africa and the Linkages to Crop Production
* New Approach for the Analysis of Hyperspectral Data: Theory and Sensitivity Analysis of the Moment Distance Method, A
* Remote Sensing of Pasture Degradation in the Highlands of the Kyrgyz Republic: Finer-Scale Analysis Reveals Complicating Factors
* Urban Heat Islands as Viewed by Microwave Radiometers and Thermal Time Indices
* Urban-Rural Contrasts in Central-Eastern European Cities Using a MODIS 4 Micron Time Series
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Heneghan, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic sleep apnoea detection using measures of amplitude and heart rate variability from the electrocardiogram
* Locally Adaptive Deblocking Filter for Low Bit Rate Video
* method for initialising the K-means clustering algorithm using kd-trees, A
* Registration of Digital Ophthalmic Images Using Vector Mapping
* Registration of digital retinal images using landmark correspondence by expectation maximization
Includes: Heneghan, C. Heneghan, C.[Conor]

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