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Hegde, A.[Anandavardhan] Co Author Listing * Light-Weight Human Eye Fixation Solution for Smartphone Applications, A

Hegde, C.[Chetana] Co Author Listing * Authentication using Finger Knuckle Prints
* Finger Vein Recognition Model for Biometric Authentication Using Intelligent Deep Learning
* Heartbeat biometrics for human authentication
* Joint Manifolds for Data Fusion
* Model Corrected Low Rank Ptychography
* Semantic Adversarial Attacks: Parametric Transformations That Fool Deep Classifiers
Includes: Hegde, C.[Chetana] Hegde, C.

Hegde, D.[Deepti] Co Author Listing * CLIP goes 3D: Leveraging Prompt Tuning for Language Grounded 3D Recognition
* DA-AE: Disparity-Alleviation Auto-Encoder Towards Categorization of Heritage Images for Aggrandized 3D Reconstruction
* DeFi: Detection and Filling of Holes in Point Clouds Towards Restoration of Digitized Cultural Heritage Models
* IPD-Net: SO(3) Invariant Primitive Decompositional Network for 3D Point Clouds
* Multi-View Fusion of Sensor Data for Improved Perception and Prediction in Autonomous Driving
* VG-VAE: A Venatus Geometry Point-Cloud Variational Auto-Encoder
Includes: Hegde, D.[Deepti] Hegde, D.[Dikshit] Hegde, D.[Darshan]

Hegde, G.[Ganapathi] Co Author Listing * Conservative Approximation-Based Full-Search Block Matching Algorithm Architecture for QCIF Digital Video Employing Systolic Array Architecture
* DeepDNet: Deep Dense Network for Depth Completion Task
* Simple Domain Shifting Network for Generating Low Quality Images, A
Includes: Hegde, G.[Ganapathi] Hegde, G.[Girish] Hegde, G.[Guruprasad]

Hegde, G.M.[Guruprasad M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient object annotation for surveillance and automotive applications

Hegde, M. Co Author Listing * Interference in Automotive Radar Systems: Characteristics, mitigation techniques, and current and future research

Hegde, N.[Niharika] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results

Hegde, R.M.[Rajesh M.] Co Author Listing * Bridged Variational Autoencoders for Joint Modeling of Images and Attributes
* Group Delay based Methods for Detection and Recognition of Whispered Speech
* Group Delay Based Methods for Speaker Segregation and its Application in Multimedia Information Retrieval
* Learning based method for near field acoustic range estimation in spherical harmonics domain using intensity vectors
* Learning Speaker-specific Lip-to-Speech Generation
* Stochastic Cramer-Rao Bound Analysis for DOA Estimation in Spherical Harmonics Domain
Includes: Hegde, R.M.[Rajesh M.] Hegde, R.M.

Hegde, S.[Srinidhi] Co Author Listing * Cross-Domain Multi-task Learning for Object Detection and Saliency Estimation
* DrawInAir: A Lightweight Gestural Interface Based on Fingertip Regression
* Making the V in Text-VQA Matter
* Registration and tracking to integrate X-ray and MR images in an XMR facility
* Rethinking Common Assumptions to Mitigate Racial Bias in Face Recognition Datasets
* SmartOverlays: A Visual Saliency Driven Label Placement for Intelligent Human-Computer Interfaces
* system for real-time XMR guided cardiovascular intervention, A
* Weakly Supervised Visual Question Answer Generation
* Where to Place: A Real-Time Visual Saliency Based Label Placement for Augmented Reality Applications
Includes: Hegde, S.[Srinidhi] Hegde, S.[Shamanthak] Hegde, S.
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Hegde, S.B.[Sindhu B.] Co Author Listing * Visual Speech Enhancement Without A Real Visual Stream

Hegde, V.G. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm-Assisted Feature Extraction and Selection for Global Motion Estimation

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